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21 Feel-Good Experiences You Might Want to Try Before You Turn 35

Compiling a bucket list is a never-ending process that keeps changing, increasing, and evolving just like our personalities. Some of us have already accomplished some of the things from it, while others haven’t even made one yet. Whether you are the first or the second type, we would like to share a bunch of exciting things with you that you might want to add to your list.

We at Bright Side collected a list of experiences that you might find interesting and add to your list of “things to do in life.” And if you still don’t have one, now you’ll have the base to start with.

1. Sleep under the open sky and star-gaze.

2. Visit all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

3. Do something from scratch.

4. Don’t use the internet for a week.

5. Learn a party trick.

6. Run a marathon.

7. See your favorite band or singer live.

8. Share your food with a homeless person.

9. Celebrate little things.

10. Adopt a stray pet.

11. Learn more about your family tree.

12. Experience zero gravity.

13. Get to know another culture.

14. Master one sport.

15. Convey your knowledge to younger generations.

16. Plant a flower garden (or a tree).

17. Master your signature dish.

18. Play your favorite childhood game.

19. Go for a safari ride.

20. Volunteer your time to make something good.

21. Take your trust to a whole new level.

Do you have a bucket list? Have you tried anything from the list above yet? Would you like to add some points to your list? Please write your “must do” experiences in the comments!

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