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21 Stupid Photos That Prove We Definitely Haven’t Seen Everything

Jeanne Calment is verified as the longest living person at 122 years old - there's no doubt she has experienced a lot in her life. But we bet even she would be surprised to see several of the images we have on this list.

At Bright Side we find ourselves to be pretty worldly people, yet we're still shocked by crazy things like the sight of the new version of The Hulk. Which picture on this list is your favorite?

Apparently, people are falling from the sky ahead.


Secret forces being not-so-secretive


Spongebob soul-eating pants?

"I feel like this design is missing something..."

Jack Daniels' sister

Even the packaging seems surprised.

Um, we're a little lost here...


Best Chinese fashion knockoff brand ever!


More of the expanded universe

For those of you who are tired of all those gummy bears - have some gummy swimmers!

"Girlfriend asked me to hand her the sprinkles from the pantry while baking... took me way too long to find them."

We dare you to find a correct word here.

A bench for shy people

No "u" for you!

Poor little "p"

"I suspect a fraud!"

"I should've flown instead."

Which photos did you find the silliest and which were plain outrageous? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Fishbong/imgur, RogueVector/imgur
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