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24 Unexpected Airport Sightings That May Make You Chuckle

There are very few people who actually enjoy flying. The endless lines, flight delays, exuberant prices, and jet lag all contribute to the frustration passengers experience at airports. However, every now and then we stumble upon hilarious occurrences that lift our spirits. These crazy airport images are sure to have you looking for laughs the next time you fly.

So, we ask that you fasten your seatbelts, put your trays in their upright position, and prepare for take-off with Bright Side Hilarity Airlines. We hope you enjoy your flight!

1. We hope this isn't the only pilot flying the plane.

2. This old lady just doesn't care.

3. We think Cookie Monster may be boarding this flight.

4. Free X-ray, anyone?

5. No one said traveling with toddlers was easy.

6. This lady made sure she wouldn't lose her luggage at baggage claim.

7. As if waiting in line wasn't bad enough already!

8. These two kindred spirits became fast friends after stumbling upon each other at an airport terminal.

9. These stylish sushi bags are making us hungry!

10. We're not sure what's more odd, the man wearing a dress or the giant printed ticket he's holding.

11. "Was excited to find an outlet next to my chair in the airport until I realized it was just a sticker."

12. A family decided to embarrass their daughter by meeting her dressed up as village folk.

13. Just another hipster sighting at an airport in Seattle.

14. The Portland airport sells socks and other merch that matches their carpeting.

15. Someone decided to check in a stick instead of luggage.

16. Ever feel so tired you just have to stop, drop, and nap?

17. "My cousin met a Victoria's Secret model at the airport. Perfect day to be wearing that shirt."

18. When you don't have time to stop for groceries on the way home from the airport:

19. How to keep your kids entertained between flights:

20. "Ma'am, your baby doesn't need to go through the carry on scanner."

21. There must be an unknown benefit to sleeping in this position.

22. We wonder if this area is smellier than the smoking room.

23. These passengers came prepared for that 16-hour layover.

24. "Two stalls, one roll. I guess DFW airport wants me to fight this guy."

After seeing all these photos, we agree with this person:

What do you think? Share your craziest airport stories and pictures in the comments below.

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