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What “The Simpsons” Characters Would Look Like If They Aged

This beloved animated series premiered in 1989 only to become an instant classic. However, it has some peculiar qualities: none of its characters age. In fact, we’re not even sure how old the characters are. Only some, like Homer, have hinted at it when they showed their driver’s license. For the rest, it’s hard to tell, but we would like to know.

That’s why Bright Side and its great illustrators were encouraged to imagine what 18 The Simpsons characters would have looked like if they had aged over the show’s 33 years.

1. Homer — 66 y.o.

2. Marge — 66 y.o.

3. Bart — 43 y.o.

4. Lisa — 41 y.o.

5. Maggie — 33 y.o.

6. Ned Flanders — more or less 83 y.o.

7. Rod and Todd Flanders — more or less 40 y.o.

8. Milhouse van Houten — 42 y.o.

9. Charles Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers — over 100 y.o. and 60 y.o. more or less.

10. Moe Szyslak — more or less 90 y.o.

11. Patty and Selma Bouvier — about 75 y.o.

12. Lenny and Carl — 60 y.o. give or take

13. Dr. Hibbert — more or less 80 y.o.

14. Seymour Skinner — more or less 70 y.o.

15. William MacDougal — more or less 60 y.o.

16. Nelson Muntz — about 45 y.o.

17. Krusty — more or less 80 y.o.

18. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon — about 60 y.o.

How did you imagine The Simpsons characters would look at their real age? Do you think they should age over the course of the series? Why?

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