15 Celebrities That Became Even More Beautiful After Giving Birth

There’s a stereotype that women look worse after having children. The body changes, beauty withers, and taking care of the babies requires a lot of power. And we couldn’t help but wonder which famous mothers would look just as good after having children.

Bright Side has compared the photos of famous women before and after having children. We hope that these collages will give confidence to women that worry about the body changes they have to endure after pregnancy.

Blake Lively, 34 years old, 3 children

Gwen Stefani, 51 years old, 3 children

Heidi Klum, 48 years old, 4 children

Madonna, 63 years old, 6 children (4 of them adopted)

Tori Spelling, 48 years old, 5 children

Kate Winslet, 45 years old, 3 children

Kourtney Kardashian, 42 years old, 3 children

Reese Witherspoon, 45 years old, 3 children

Demi Moore, 58 years old, 3 children

Julia Roberts, 53 years old, 3 children

Jessica Alba, 40 years old, 3 children

Kate Middleton, 39 years old, 3 children

Beyoncé, 40 years old, 3 children

Megan Fox, 35 years old, 3 children

Kate Hudson, 42 years old, 3 children

How did your body or the bodies of other women you know change after pregnancy?

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