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16 Stars Who Didn’t Let a Small Wardrobe Malfunction Steal the Show

Wardrobe malfunctions can be embarrassing, but they can become especially awkward if they happen under the spotlight. Celebrities have had their fair share of all sorts of fashion mistakes and mishaps. And while some divas seem pretty shaken when things go wrong, others just go with the flow and accept that awkward moments can happen to anyone, like the celebs in the pictures we selected.

1. Kendall Jenner’s shoelaces wouldn’t stay put during the red carpet event, but she handled the situation with a smile.

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, NPA/The Grosby Group/EAST NEWS

2. An ice skater experienced a nerve-wracking moment when the back of her dress came undone amid an important competition, but she handled it like a pro.


3. Model Heidi Range lost her shoe in the middle of a runway show, but she continued as if nothing ever happened.

4. Julia Roberts didn’t let her high heels prevent her from climbing the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival, so she simply took them off.


5. Halle Berry handled the unfortunate wardrobe situation with grace.

MediaPunch/face to face/East News

6. When one of her shoelaces untied on the red carpet, Natasha Henstridge’s facial expression said it all: ’’It happens. So what?’’

7. Australian TV star, Erin Holland, had a minor wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet, but she seemed completely cool about it.

8. Beyoncé didn’t want to give up on her tight dress at the 2011 Met Gala, so instead, she just asked for help while climbing up the stairs.

9. Actress Stefanie Scott bravely dealt with a surprising gust of wind without losing any of her charm and elegance.

10. Suffering a wardrobe malfunction on the runway is every model’s nightmare, but this cool, professional girl didn’t even flinch.

AP/East News, AP/East News, AP/East News

11. The side of Kim Kardashian’s dress started falling apart, but she continued posing for photos like a true star.

12. The brave ice skater just kept performing while her delicate costume was falling apart.

13. Jessica Chastain struggled to keep her beautiful dress in place as she fought the wind with poise and a smile on her face.


14. We bet that some audience members didn’t even notice that Gigi Hadid lost her shoe as she came down the runway. She kept walking as if both her shoes were on.

15. The bottom part of Sarah Hyland’s dress kept falling, revealing her undergarments, but she brushed it off with a smile.

PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS

16. Natalie Portman and the rest of the crew helped their colleague Raffey Cassidy untangle her dress, making the situation much less stressful for her.

Kazuko Wakayama/KCS/East News, FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/East News

If something like this happened to you, would you freak out or remain cool as a cucumber?

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