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I’m Just an Ordinary Guy Who Loves Wearing Skirts and Dresses and Believes We Shouldn’t Assign Gender to a Piece Fabric

Today, we have more and more people who are going against the “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” mindset, and who are trying to experiment with their looks. Among them is Connor Keaney, a 26-year-old from Kings Norton, UK, who doesn’t conform to gendered fashion and dons dresses and skirts. Connor’s bold style is inspiring and shows that our understanding of clothes might be somewhat obsolete.

We at Bright Side admire Connor and hope his story can help and empower other people, especially those who are struggling with their identity and insecurities.

Connor has loved fashion since he was a teen so he’s always dressed in an “out there” style.

When the likes of Harry Styles started to wear skirts and dresses, Connor felt it was a sign. The same day, he went and got a skirt and put it on and he felt amazing. “I just knew it was for me,” Connor says. “I felt confident and beautiful and didn’t care if people thought it wasn’t for me!” Connor has been wearing all kinds of clothes for 2 years now.

Connor always wanted to take a photo near a “proud bab” graffiti in Birmingham city center, but couldn’t find the right outfit. He tried on some “manly” looks, but never felt cool or comfortable enough. He searched high and low until he came across a black skirt in a thrift store. “I have never felt so confident, beautiful, sassy, comfy, and cool, and I will never look back!” he says.

Connor’s ultimate favorite pieces of clothing are fitted dresses, vintage items, suit trousers, blazers, and most of all a tennis skirt. “I feel so beautiful and powerful in a tennis skirt,” Connor says, “and it just goes with everything!”

Connor draws inspiration from the people around him.

When talking about what inspires him, Connor says, it’s “anybody who is creative, courageous, confident, not scared of what people think, down to earth, and not scared of the norm.” He associates himself with the hero of David Walliams’ children’s book, Boy in the Dress. Connor says, he’s the real-life Boy in the Dress and he reads that book every few months to help himself.

He also admits that his biggest influence and inspiration is his mom, who introduced him to thrift stores and is fabulously stunning herself while wearing clothes from there. “She’s the most loving and supportive mom. She is so strong and stands by me whatever I choose to say, do, or wear. She tells me how it is.”

He believes it’s about time we get rid of gender labels, especially in regards to something as simple as clothing.

Connor thinks that in the near future, clothing will be genderless. We already see a lot more “unisex” clothing which is a step in the right direction. With the likes of celebs like Yngblud and Harry Styles wearing “women’s” clothes, it’s showing every generation that it’s OK to wear whatever piece of clothing you want. It’s just material.

He encourages everyone to opt for thrift shops in order to be more environmentally friendly.

Connor gives sound advice to other men who might want to try “women’s clothes.”

“If there is a male out there, or any other pronoun for that matter, that wants to wear ‘feminine’ clothing, I say do it. If you’re not comfortable doing it in public find a safe space to start with — like your bedroom, or a friend’s house, or an LGBTQ+ friendly bar, and be yourself there. Go to thrift shops to find some bargain beautiful pieces with less judgment than fast fashion shops!”

We also asked Connor for fashion tips for beginners.

Connor’s answer is simple and beautiful: go with your own style. “Don’t look at the internet and Instagram, and don’t wish to be like them all. Be yourself, believe me, you will get much further in life and be loved a lot more. If you want to wear a ball gown to the supermarket, then you do you, boo!”

What clothes have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet?

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