10 Viral Products That Aim to Rejuvenate Your Life

10 months ago

From taking a massage to doing a facial to brewing your favorite coffee, taking care of yourself can be vital to your health. Experts say that just 10-15 minutes of a small daily task is a wonderful start to cementing a self-care routine. Thankfully, these 10 products we gathered for you might be able to fit in that time frame.

1. An at-home electric cupping therapy set with 4 different modes. They include massaging, cupping, scraping and red light heat therapy. This cupping method can successfully break down the excess lactic acid in the muscles.

4.3 stars out of 5

Cupping is known to relax your muscles and skin and this device is very skin-friendly. The operating technology makes it a lot easier and safer to use it at home. It has 12 different levels of temperature and you can also adjust the suction mode.

Benefits: It decreases neck pain and it charges very quickly. Not only that, but its battery lasts through multiple uses.

Flaws: Some people have noticed that the device has stopped working after a few months of use.

Promising review: I have degenerative disc disease and stenosis. This helps temporarily decrease my neck pain. Pretty easy to use once I figured it out. It is very sensitive. If I turn it up too much it stings and hurts. @BetsyM

2. An under desk treadmill that can help you stay active while working on your computer. It has a remote control and its size is small enough to fit in any room or office space. There is a LED display at the front of the treadmill to show the speed and calories you are burning.

4.3 stars out of 5

The weight capacity of the machine is 300 lbs and it makes surprisingly little noise. The treadmill weighs only 44 pounds, so anyone, man or woman, can easily lift it up and transfer it wherever they want. It also features a 5-layer anti-slip belt to make sure no one will fall while exercising.

Benefits: The product is exactly as described and can fit in any space. Also, the customer service of the company is getting great reviews. The remote control makes it super easy to change the settings anytime you want.

Flaws: Some people seem to be bothered that there is no ’pause’ button and some others think it’s not quiet enough.

Promising review: I’ve used this walking pad most days for about a month in 45 minute increments. It works great. When I got the walking pad the belt was a bit shifted and I couldn’t figure out how to move it with the instructions. I emailed the company on a weekend day and they responded in just a couple hours with further instructions and a video! @JYuch

3. An oil diffuser that looks like a fireplace once you put it to work. There are 7 different flame colors available. The machine humidifies the atmosphere and it can run for 7 hours straight. You can turn off the light mode if you want to sleep and it bothers you.

4 stars out of 5

The machine is made of high quality PP material and it is programmed to shut off automatically when there is a water shortage. All you need to do is add a few drops of essential oil in the water tank and let it do its job. It’s great at relieving stress and making your yoga exercise even more relaxing.

Benefits: The water can last you for a while, it doesn’t make any massive noise and it’s easy to use. The flames are very beautiful and the smells from the oil super relaxing.

Flaws: Someone complained that the lights are a bit too bright and that after usage there is oil residue left in the tank.

Promising review: I like that there is a lot of mist while the essential oil is distributed. There are several colors that rotate or you can choose just one color. Important tip: the lighting instructions are wrong. You hit the light button once and it goes to gold and stays. If you hit the button again, it goes to green and the colors start rotating. You can select one color to stay by pressing the button quickly. @TomNewYork

4. An anti-gravity humidifier that creates a magnificent effect. Its tank can fit almost 17 ounces of water and it is quite small. You will notice that the water starts moving upwards while the machine is working. It can work for up to 4 hours if you fill up the entire water tank.

4 stars out of 5

The machine is programmed to turn off automatically once the water tank gets empty. From the moment you turn it on, it takes 30-60 seconds for it to start operating. The machine aims to improve the air quality in your home.

Benefits: It is very easy to use and there is a light inside the frame so the illusion of the water moving upwards is better noticed. It is also very quiet and takes up very little space.

Flaws: You are not able to turn the light off in case it annoys you or change the color of it.

Promising review: For this price, I was not expecting much, but it surprised me! At first, I used my own power adapter, and it would shut off after 2 seconds. Then I read the manual, and switched to the adapter it came with and it worked perfectly! Got to see the water drops going upward and I can’t wait to let my cats and dogs play with it! @D

5. A cryotherapy ice roller you can use to massage your face. It helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and also improving dry skin. It promotes blood flow and helps cleaning your pores. It just locks in your skin all the moisture that it might be missing.

4.6 stars out of 5

Make sure to use it gently over your eyes, temples and neck in order to reduce swelling. This little tool can relax you and relieve fatigue. It is 100% waterproof and the heads are detachable. They are suitable for all skin types.

Benefits: It get and stays cold for a long time and is very easy to clean. It helps with puffy eyes in the morning and feels amazing on the skin.

Flaws: It makes a slight squeaking noise while using, but very few people seem bothered by it.

Promising review: I used to use regular ice on face for skincare but this roller has become my new favorite. It makes my skin feel soft and it’s way easier to use than ice. I use it when I have headaches too and it’s very therapeutic. Would recommend to anyone looking to add something to their self-care/self maintenance routine. @Ashley

6. A cold brew coffee maker with a 64-ounce capacity in color black. It weighs just 0.6 pounds and you can carry it anywhere with you. It produces 4 servings of coffee and the mesh filter keeps any coffee grounds in it. The plastic of the coffee maker can withstand high temperatures.

4.6 stars out of 5

The coffee maker is so small that it can fit in most refrigerator doors. All you need to do is add coffee in the filter, water in the pot and let it brew in the fridge. The leak-proof lid will make sure that there will be no spillages.

Benefits: No coffee grounds will escape in your coffee and the coffee is ready in less than a day. The quality it offers is so good that many people have stopped buying coffee from stores.

Flaws: One person mentioned that it’s hard to clean the bottom of the filter and wished it could be twisted off.

Promising review: I suspect that the one quart that I have would not be big enough for two coffee drinkers. Since my wife does not like cold brew, I find that the one quart provides me with all the cold brew I want for a day or two. If there are two of you, and you like your cold brew the same way, think about getting the two quart. I have found it unnecessary to measure or weigh the coffee when I put it in the filter. Instead, I just fill it to the bottom of the black collar, tapping it down on the counter a couple of times to settle the grounds. This process uses up about a quarter pound of coffee each time. I fill the pitcher with cold water up to a little less than an inch from the collar of the pitcher. It would be nice if there were a fill mark on the pitcher, but when I am a little more confident about how much water I want, I’ll probable make my own mark with a permanent magic marker — we’ll see if the mark actually stays there. @Harmon

7. A moist reusable heat ice mask that aims to offer relief for dry eyes. The mask loosens the oils produced in our eyelids that help with tear production. It absorbs moisture from the air and can maintain its heat for about 10 minutes. It also helps with migraines, allergies and puffy eyes.

4.5 stars out of 5

The mask can be washed and used again and again. The cotton material it’s made of comforts the eyes and makes them feel very comfortable. It is recommended by doctors and can help with problems like blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

Benefits: It creates moist heat and it only needs 30 seconds to get hot enough and can be used for 15-20 minutes. It makes the eye area feel moisturized once removed.

Flaws: Some people noticed that the mask didn’t stay warm for as long as the manual said.

Promising review: The Optase moist heat eye mask is very easy to use and is a wonderful. It heats in just 20 seconds in the microwave and offers excellent relief to eyes after just 15 or 20 minutes of restful use at night. It cleans easily and comes with a convenient small bag that keeps it safe and clean all day. Along with certain eye drops (prescribed or suggested by an ophthalmologist) this eye mask will contribute to dry eye relief with continued use. @Miriam

8. A back and neck massager pillow with heat you can also place on your shoulders and legs. You can place it on any chair and couch or even in your car seat. It has 2 heating levels and 3 intensities. You can enable the heating on your back and neck at the same time.

4.2 stars out of 5

The pillow is programmed to shut off automatically after 15 minutes to avoid overuse. It also features 4 deep kneading shiatsu nodes that can relieve stiffness anywhere on your body. It just makes for a perfect gift for anyone, no matter their age.

Benefits: You can turn it back on after it turns off automatically and it can do a great job even on people with chronic back and neck stiffness. You can also choose not to have the heat option on.

Flaws: Some customers have noticed that there isn’t a big difference between the 3 intensity modes.

Promising review: I ordered this even though I have a full back massager that sits in a chair because I wanted it for my neck. I used it as soon as I got it on both my neck and shoulders. I have a really bad neck and get trigger point injections about every 6 weeks. The verdict: I was really sore the next day. I probably used it too long and my neck is pretty sensitive. My head really throbbed every time I moved BUT I am also usually sore after the shots and I feel pretty good now. So I will be keeping it. It’s great for travel. Even comes with a plug in for the car. @Debbi L.

9. A beard grooming kit that helps men maintain their beard’s good health and also grow it. The package includes conditioner, shampoo, oil, balm, brush, comb, scissor, storage bag and an e-book. The products aim to hydrate, straighten, clean and soften beards.

4.6 stars out of 5

The shampoo and conditioner are made of 100% natural ingredients and protect from irritated and itchy skin. The oil and balm soften the beard and trap essential vitamins in the hair follicles. The brush and comb help with oil production and dirt removal.

Benefits: The conditioner in particular makes the hair more manageable and reduces itchiness. The brush’s bristles are very soft but also effective. All in all it’s a great gift.

Flaws: The online downloadable e-book included in the package wasn’t very popular with a few buyers, since the link didn’t seem to work.

Promising review: The beard grooming kit is simply exceptional. Ever since I acquired this comprehensive set, my beard care and maintenance experience has taken a remarkable turn. Each item included in the kit is of high quality and designed with the needs of bearded men in mind. The beard oil is simply incredible. Its unique formula nourishes and softens my beard, eliminating dryness and itchiness. Additionally, the scent is delightful and long-lasting, leaving a subtle yet pleasing trail throughout the day. The beard balm is another standout component. Its smooth texture melts between my fingers and applies effortlessly to my beard. Not only does it help tame unruly hairs, but it also deeply conditions and nourishes, leaving my beard looking impeccable and healthy. The included wooden comb is a marvel. Its finely spaced teeth untangle my beard without causing any pain or pulling. Additionally, the high-quality wood offers a pleasant and natural feel. @JOSE ROMERO

10. A light therapy tool that aims to help with acne and reduce the amount of sebum produced. Blue light destroys the harmful bacteria that cause pimples to appear. This tool emits blue and red lights at the same time, giving the skin the care and nourishing it needs.

4.2 stars out of 5

This tool can calm your existing acne and make sure less breakouts will happen in the future. It keeps the skin clean and restores the smoothness and youthfulness it was lacking. It is perfect for all skin types.

Benefits: People with rosacea also saw a huge improvement and the tool managed to remove even some blackheads. It can help with even the worse breakouts in just a week of daily use.

Flaws: Someone complained that it gets a bit too hot while using and someone else said that it takes a long time to use on the entire face.

Promising review: I have suffered from serious and painful cystic acne mainly on my chin. A new nodule would pop up at least once a week and I have been using this for a month now and have NOT HAD ONE breakout since. This is amazing! Wish I knew about this sooner! It is a little expensive but I think it was worth every penny. I use it on my problematic areas for 3 minutes on each spot every night. @Sara

Virality often drives people to discover and buy products they never even thought the needed. There are so many gadgets and items that deserve all the hype they receive.

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