12 Cozy Socks and Slippers That’ll Put All Eyes on You

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Novelty items first started being sold in 1975, when Gary Dahl thought it would be funny to start selling a rock with googly eyes. Since then, this marketing method has become very popular. Today, we can find all kinds of novelty stuff on the market, including socks and slippers. And since everyone uses these 2 items, we thought we’d share some of the most entertaining designs we found with you.

1. Novelty flip-flop socks that will give you that vacation vibe all year round. They come in a variety of designs and are the perfect for any occasion.

400+ ratings

Promising review: This was a brilliant buy for my husband as part of his birthday presents. He has a complete hatred for flip-flops so this was a must-buy! And he does actually wear them!
Exactly as shown, good buy to put a smile on someone’s face. @Tina

2. The coziest sushi slippers that are super comfortable. They are made of soft material and have non-slip soles. They are 1.5 cm tall, and they are the perfect footwear to welcome your friends to your home on sushi night.

100+ ratings

Promising review: Very comfy and fits as you’d expect @Amazon Customer

3. The perfect gag gift for anyone who can take a joke, especially those who love fishing. They are made of a strong yet lightweight material and are elastic and very flexible. Their anti-skid soles will give you stability and keep you from sliding.

10,000+ ratings

Promising review: Bought them as a joke and ended up having the most comfortable fish flops. They are great eye-catchers and a great conversation starter. Made new friends just because people ask me about them. @mihaitadrian

4. Another pair of novelty socks, this time designed to look like ancient sandals. They make for a perfect present, and they can be tossed in the washing machine. They come in one size and can fit all feet.

300+ ratings

Promising review: Good size. Good quality. Arrived on time. Would happily order from this seller again. Am sure there’ll be someone else I can buy funny socks for. @Amazon Customer

5. Warm, bread-shaped slippers made of plush and rubber soles. They are quite wide, and the insole consists of one layer of premium thickened high-density memory foam. You can wear them anywhere from the bath to the kitchen while cooking and even walking to the mailbox.

1,000+ reviews

Promising review: They are way better than I thought they would be. I was a bit hesitant as to whether they would look like the picture and luckily, they did not disappoint. @Eleanor D.

6. Duck-shaped slippers made of fleece that is cotton-padded with rubber soles. They are very lightweight, thick, breathable, skin-friendly, very easy to wear, and comfortable to walk around the house in. You can even wash them in the machine with 30-degree water and hang them to dry.

200+ reviews

Promising review: I liked that they fit my every need. The ducks are so realistic I was nearly afraid that I was stepping on them when I first started wearing them. I got the “best-dressed award” while wearing them, and I appreciate Amazon so much for creating these one-of-a-kind slippers. @swaggy duck 1916

7. A set of socks that is wrapped in parchment paper and “served” in a burger box. The socks themselves have great graphics picturing all the main ingredients of a burger. They are 80% cotton and are tight, so they won’t slide down your legs. It is advised to wash them by hand to maintain their quality and design for longer.

100+ reviews

Promising review: Bought this as a stocking stuffer at Christmas and was impressed with the quality. It was also really appreciated by the receiver. @Lorna Slater

8. Novelty slippers that will make you look like a bear. The sole is made of rubber, and they come in a regular width. They have thick cushioned insoles, which make them very warm and comfortable. They also have soft, padded uppers that cover your whole foot.

1,000+ reviews

Promising review: I enjoy scaring the cat with these slippers. I love pretending I’m a bear when I put these slippers on. Sometimes I sit in my kitchen gnawing at slices of ham (wearing these slippers), and I feel like a bear in the woods. I would say these slippers are perfect for anyone wanting to achieve their inner beast, or bear. @Madlen

9. Plush whale slippers that aren’t just cute but also super comfy. The outside material is fleece and velvet, and the sole is synthetic. They are 1 cm high and are perfect for wooden floors and even hospitals. They don’t make any sound, so they are perfect for those who like to be quiet when walking around the house.

600+ reviews

Promising review: I love these! Everyone comments when I wear them! I was at the hospital recently and everyone thought they were awesome! Good quality, nice, and lightweight. @Dillonthemutt

10. Unisex paw socks that are not only very realistic but also fashionable. They are made of high-quality polyester and are light and breathable. It is advised to only wash them by hand. They are the perfect gift for your friends and family, especially if they have pets at home.

700+ reviews

Promising review: Absolutely loved these socks. They’re fabulous. I bought one pair for my daughter for a laugh on her 40th birthday, but the whole family has gone crazy about them. So much so that I have to buy 4 more pairs. How funny and practical too. Great service and delivery of a great product. @Eileen

11. A box of donut socks that are so hyperrealistic they look like real donuts. The socks are 80% cotton, tight yet breathable, and very comfortable. There are 4 pairs of socks inside the box. It is advised that you only wash them by hand.

500+ reviews

Promising review: So clever how they are arranged to look like donuts. Bought them for a lady I work with as a bit of a laugh because she loves donuts from the supermarket. She was really happy with how they looked like the real thing. Thank you! Will certainly buy them again. @deborah frost

12. If you love pizza and socks, then this is definitely for you. This set comes in 3 different color combos and can be worn with everything from casual to more formal outfits. The socks are 80% cotton and can be washed in the machine. They come in a traditional pizza box.

12,000+ reviews

Promising review: Bought these for my son last Christmas and it’s now a year later. They’ve lasted and he’s still wearing them (they have been washed multiple times). Good, fun, pretty comfortable, and have lasted well for what I expected would just be a novelty. @Martin Ohara

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