13 Recipes for Happiness From Different Countries to Help You Start a New Life in 2020

4 years ago

People from different countries have very different ideas about what true happiness is. More than that, for different nations, happiness may even be in opposite things.

We at Bright Side found out which recipes for happiness (from different countries) we can start using right now.

1. Italy

The desire of Italian people to dress well, make a good impression on others, and live their lives to the fullest is at the base of their national happiness philosophy called bella figura. It can be translated literally as “beautiful image.” In order to feel Italian happiness, enjoy every moment: when you go for a walk, study the world around you; enjoy every bite of food; when choosing what to wear, think your entire image through.

2. Ireland

The Irish are very communicative people. For them, it is very important to be part of something bigger. If you want to feel like a happy Irish person, go to a soccer match with your friends or sing a song with a guitar near the fire.

3. India

In India, they value qualities like flexibility and resourcefulness. The local people can look at old things from a different angle, this is why it is not a problem for them to make something totally mind-blowing using some ordinary materials. Of course, they have this skill because there are a lot of limitations in their lives, but these skills could prove to be useful for just about anyone. In order to be happy in the Indian way, try to think outside the box when you are dealing with difficult situations at work.

4. Turkey

In Turkey, they value the ability to take one step at a time. Keyif is the word they use to describe happiness. In order to come close to this Turkish harmony, you can walk on the seashore or sit on the balcony with a cup of coffee.

5. Sweden

The Swedes try to use as few things as possible and be conscious consumers. Their idea of happiness can be described as “not too much, not too little, just the right amount.” It is not that hard to achieve Swedish happiness: all you have to do is have a good collection of clothes that you can use for several seasons in a row, buy only the most necessary things for your apartment, and also eat simple and healthy foods.

6. Japan

The love the Japanese have for natural things started a philosophy called wabi-sabi. The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun are very careful about their old-fashioned and cracked dishes and they don’t like anything that has been made to look old artificially. The idea that perfection is found in imperfection is called kintsugi — the art of restoration. Just as scars highlight the individuality of people, cracks in dishes make them unique and special. In order to feel the Japanese happiness, don’t throw away a broken vase, but fix it instead, and stop trying to hide the scratches on an old wooden table.

7. Scotland

Scottish people really value their culture. They love walking around medieval castles and tasting foods made from their national recipes that are passed from generation to generation. If you want to feel Scottish happiness, travel around your country more and learn about its traditions and customs.

8. Switzerland

Swiss people have their entire ideology connected with happiness and it is named after the famous tennis player Roger Federer. This philosophy is called Federerism. They value accuracy, order, and being ready to work. According to the opinion of people in Switzerland, you need to be successful to be happy. If you are happy because you achieve goals in your work and your hobbies, you are definitely a “federerist.”

9. Denmark

Even though people from Denmark are not extremely hardworking, they have a special attitude toward work. They even have a special word — arbejdsglaede which means something like, “happiness and joy from work and knowing you are a good worker.” In order to experience these emotions, you shouldn’t see your work as boring. You should try to envision that you are a valuable employee that really matters.

10. Hawaii

For a long time, in Hawaii, it has been the norm to share things with others. Do the things that will make your friends and relatives happy.

11. Norway

Norwegians really value coziness and warmth. They can’t imagine a party without woolen comforters and knitted socks. In order to become warm on the inside, people from the country of Vikings, drink cacao. The word koselig expresses the desire to have a comfortable rest. It is not hard to achieve Norwegian happiness: just find the bits that create a home-like atmosphere and create a celebration for your friends and family.

12. Uganda

You must remember the funny song “Hakuna Matata” from the popular cartoon The Lion King. This phrase means “no problems” — and it is the base of the philosophy of the people that live in Uganda. In order to come close to this positive way of thinking, you should laugh at least once every couple of hours and scare away the negative words with a dance.

13. France

The French are used to living by the principle “less and slower.” In France, they don’t try to do a lot of things in a short period of time. If you like the romantic French approach, maybe you can find happiness in spending time in a relaxed way. Put away all your “important” duties, order a croissant and a cup of coffee, and gaze out the window. Don’t go to malls often and buy only the most necessary stuff in smaller grocery stores.

What is it that you need to be happy? Tell us in the comment section below!


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As far as I know, Japanese people try not to let broken glass stay at their homes


Singing with a guitar near the fire like Irish people do must be such a great way to start your days!


Turkish people know best! They find happiness in such small things! I like that


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