14 Creative People Who Don’t Know What Boredom Is

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Sometimes the funniest moments are those that come out of nowhere in the middle of a dull day. They might grow into an interlude that flawlessly blends comedy with drama. Despite the possibility that we may forget about those events, photographs can help us recall them as well as the laughter we felt at the time.

1. “Our dog’s reaction to bringing home our tiny human”

2. “My BF was out of town, so I had Valentine’s Day dinner with these 3.”

3. “Went over to my mother’s this morning to help her do some yard work. This was the wheelbarrow she just bought.”

4. “My local hospital has provided a house for a cat that frequently visits.”

5. “Apparently, in my absence, my husband has hung cat-level wall art.”

6. “My outdoor stray cats look like my indoor house cats’ stand-ins.”

7. “This dog just taught me how to do my taxes.”

8. “My tongue piercing leaves lines in my ice-cream.”

9. “The preschool told parents to dress their kids as dalmatians, Mom sent me as SpongeBob.”

10. “My uncle scolded my aunt’s dog, and now she looks at him like this.”

11. “A mistake was made.”

12. “My dad’s pullover has ’for worst results’ care instructions.”

13. “My mom didn’t want me (left) to have bangs. I wanted bangs, so I got me some bangs.”

14. “Made my kid a Mickey Mouse pancake.”

Preview photo credit LaurenSomm / Reddit


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