15 Animals That Got Soaking Wet and We Couldn’t Laugh Any Harder at Them

4 years ago

Animals have a complex relationship with water. They might love playing in puddles, but dread bath time. On top of that, some can become unrecognizable when the water reshapes their fur. So, the results are often worthy of belly laughs.

Bright Side put together some of the funniest photos of wet animals. Get ready for some shocking before and after shots!

1. When you wake up vs After your first cup of coffee

2. “I gave my Pomeranian a bath ...and he went full meerkat.”

3. A few drops of water and you have yourself an alien.

4. “Pepper loves baths, you can just tell.”

5. “My friend gave her pet chicken ’Marshmallow’ a bath. I don’t think he liked it.”

6. This one’s having a ruff day.

7. “Not sure what to think about bath time.”

8. “Meet Minko”

9. Rage level: Extreme

10. Someone is not amused.

11. “Walter the Rabbit, getting his first bath”

12. “All of them are disappointed.”

13. “Why hooman?”

14. The face of betrayal

15. “My friend’s special cat is taking a bath.”

Do your pets enjoy bath time or getting wet? If you have any hilarious photos, drop them in the comments. We’ll be waiting!


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