15 Cats Who Made Us Think They Are Food

3 years ago

If you ever wondered why sometimes you feel like squishing and biting your cat, we have the answer. Cute aggression is a real thing where when humans see something WAY too cute, they feel like biting it. And, to make things worse, cats sometimes like to sleep/sit in positions where they actually resemble food.

Bright Side wanted to know what happens when 2 of the best things about life, aka cats and food, come together and the result was this compilation below, which will make you go awww!

1. “My cat looks like a rotisserie chicken”

2. Cats dislike oranges? Not this one.

3. “My cat’s butt looks like my homemade cinnamon buns!”

4. One of these kiwis is cuter than the rest.

5. Cat-ssant — Spot the difference.

6. “Melted mozzarella”

7. “Cat burrito wrap”

8. “My cat looks exactly like the one on her treat bag.”

9. “He looks like an Oreo donut when he’s sleeping.”

10. This kitty doesn’t need a waffle iron to look like a snack.

11. “My cat is sleeping between my legs and then this happened... I laughed so hard.”

12. A roasted marshmallow has never looked so adorable.

13. A loaf of bread and butter that meows

14. Dessert is served.

15. “he looks like a baked potato and has no depth perception.”

Are you a proud cat owner? Share the pictures of your pets being adorable with us in the comments below!


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I LOVE cinnamon rolls and I LOVE cats. I think I'm going to put the 3rd collage on a frame and hang it on my wall ??


Haha they are so funny! The first reminded me of one of my favourite animation movies, The secret life of pets. We have watched it twice with our kids and laugh every time!!

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