15+ Employees Who Absolutely Need to Give Their Bosses Some Explanations

year ago

Some employees are known for their hard work and dedication, and then there are those who seem to do the exact opposite. Irresponsible employees do their jobs so poorly that it leaves us wondering how they even got hired in the first place. In some cases, the mistakes are so egregious that they warrant a conversation with the boss. That being said, let’s explore some of the most absurd examples of epic fails in the workplace.

1. “Rail’s installed, boss!”

2. “Quick pole fix”

3. “The Toe Stubber 3000 at my local gym”

4. “Added the headline text, boss!”

5. “Good old Ondon”

6. “I guess this reindeer will have to be hung upside down.”

7. “This clearly manually operated tap is apparently automatic, and now I feel tricked twice.”

8. “They gave us appreciation gifts at work today.”

9. “My kid got a matching game for a gift.”

10. “When you lie on your resume but still get the job”

11. “It’s a pharmacy. They have another much more gentle ramp in the back of this building for delivery.”

12. “The irony is strong.”

13. “Yeah, that’s a bad location for that.”

14. “The bathroom floor at a hotel I’m staying in...”

15. “So why are people parking there?”

16. “Laid the tarmac at the traffic cone, boss.”

17. “Improvise, adapt, overcome.”

18. “Making sure the globe looks right? Not my job.”


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Choked ast afew of these. haha. By the headings you've wrote so rash justice.
Esp the toe stubber 3000.


These pics make me laugh and face palm at the same time, I stub my toe all the time so I literally held them when I got to the toe stubber 3000


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