12 Items That’ll Turn Any Car Ride Into a True Pleasure

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British drivers spend more than 2 years of their lives in the car, a study says. And thanks to Amazon, your riding time can be much more enjoyable.

We at Bright Side have selected items that can definitely make your car feel more like home.

1. These hooks will turn the headrest of your car into a convenient place to store grocery bags, clothes, umbrellas, handbags, and more. No more scattering things all over the car!

  • Includes 2 hooks
  • Creates order in the back seat and opens up space for the seat, floor, and legs
  • One hook can hold up to 18 lbs

Promising review:

I’m glad to have these in my vehicle. They’re so handy. I can keep my purse on the back of the passenger seat, allowing perfect access, and if I need to stomp on the brakes, the contents of my purse are not strewn all over the seat and floor. It’s so much tidier to have a place to hang groceries too, especially if you’re worried about things getting smashed. @ TraceyG

2. This holder will keep your registration and insurance documents, business cards, and emergency information organized instead of just scattered in the glove box.

  • It’s light and thin, so it fits anywhere in your car
  • Has 5 transparent pockets of different sizes—2 on the left to store insurance and registration documents and 3 on the right for various cards
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ x 5.1″ (24 cm x 13 cm)

Promising review:

I have had this for several months now. It holds everything I need including my license, insurance, and registration papers. It can even hold a few cards too in the sections of the folder. Its thickness has pretty much remained the same as it did the day I got it. The sections inside are well organized with plenty of space and it has enough tolerance in each of its compartments to stack cards or folded documents on top of each other without compromising the folders’ overall thickness.

This product, for what it is and what it can do, is a great investment and, above all, great value for the money. I would definitely recommend and buy this product again. Whoever designed this should get a raise. Haha. @ michael J.

3. The interior of your car will be decorated with 48 light bulbs that you can turn on to match your mood!

  • Included are 4 LED light strips that are powered by a USB
  • A built-in microphone changes the car lights to the beat of the music
  • You can choose any color of light from all the possibilities right on your phone

Promising review:

What an amazing product, all controlled by your phone. Just a quick download of the LED app on the play store. So many options and colors to choose from to achieve what you are looking for. From color, brightness, and color patterns, these are some of the options. Installation is a peel and stick system. The 4 LED light strips have an adhesive on the back, so you can attach them anywhere. This product has a USB power source, which is exactly what I was looking for for my Tesla. My kids love this, and quite frankly, so do I. @ Miguel cunha

4. Having a snack in the car is no longer an issue! Eat comfortably with this triple holder and also use it as a water and phone stand.

  • Holder expands from 2.6’’ to 3.9’’
  • The 4 rubber tabs help stabilize the cup to prevent it from sliding
  • The universal design makes this holder applicable for most cars

Promising review:

I loved this item! I just bought it for a long road trip and loved it. It gave us a spot to keep food and snacks so we could eat and drive and save time. I also love that it added a drink holder. It was very easy to install as well. @ Sue K

5. If you spend a lot of time driving or sitting, this pillow will help ease the strain on your back. It is made to fit the shape of the buttocks, which means it fits everyone.

  • The pillow is made of pure memory foam without any additives
  • It’s versatile — great for an office chair, car seat, sofa, or any other type of seat
  • It has a non-slip rubber bottom

Promising review:

This is the second seat of this brand that I’ve bought. One is used in the car (bonus: it raises seat height by approximately 3 inches), and the other is on a gaming-style office chair. It is comfortable and helps with posture, and relieves sciatica symptoms and lower back pain. @ MMV

6. Your lovely friend will be able to sit safely and comfortably! This seat will provide your pet with an interesting and cozy journey wherever you go. It will allow them to sleep without anxiety and be seated in one place.

  • It mounts securely to the front or back of the seat
  • It has zipper pockets for storing toys and leashes
  • It can hold up to 13.6 kg

Promising review:

Definitely a 5-star rating for me, and I’m sure Layla agrees. This is the best product I have bought for her and a great investment as it is strong, durable, and spacious enough to allow for my growing pup. We had gotten and tried the more traditional pet carrier, but she hated being in it. She settles immediately in the skybox, loves the freedom, and the fact that she can see everything (she isn’t curled up and snoozing!) @ Marie Ryan

7. This portable fan will provide clean and cool air for both your rear passengers and you, unlike the air conditioner which can cause colds.

  • This fan rotates 360° to bring coolness to every corner of the car
  • You can change the wind speed
  • Install easily by hand without any extra tools

Promising review:

Purchased to move air from the air-conditioned cabin in the car to the rear tailgate area for the dog. Attached to the rear headrest facing the back of the car. It has a long lead which reached the front ok. Set it at about half speed. It’s really quiet, so it didn’t worry the dog. I used it on vacation etc., so it’s been used quite a few hours and did move cool air into the rear trunk area. I think the dog was more comfortable. @ Mick

8. This cover reflects sunlight, preventing high temperatures in the car. And in winter, it protects your windshield from snow and dirt, which will save you a lot of time before your drive.

  • This windshield cover is made of a 4-layer thick material that provides high tear-resistance
  • It has 3 magnetic buttons on the front for a better connection to the car
  • It comes in both standard size 143 cm x 114 cm and expanded size 183 cm x 114 cm

Promising review:

It does a great job of protecting my windshield on cold, frosty nights and doesn’t seem to be saturated with moisture, even when it rains. When removed with excess dew or water on the exterior, it can simply be shaken dry and stored. There are magnets contained within the fabric that keep the windscreen protector firmly on the hood, but in all fairness, it’s not going to move in the wind. @ Tigger22

9. This cute yet cool duckling will turn any ride into a fun trip. It will give you an aromatherapy session, and will help your children or passengers cheer up.

  • It is made of gypsum material, which is durable, ensuring the long life of the product
  • Add essential oil to it for a pleasant smell
  • You can also hang it on the wall, door, or window of your home or office as a decoration

Promising review:

This cute little duck has literally made my car rides so much more fun. It’s so cute. It came well secured and it’s made of like a hard glass. It might be clay. I’m not too sure. I dropped it twice on concrete on the way to my car and it didn’t break. I definitely recommend it if you want to add a little cute ornament to your car! @ Cindy

10. No more stuff falling between the seats! This soft gap filler fits well on the seats and will permanently eliminate the problem of trash in hard-to-reach areas of the car.

  • It comes with 2 pieces — one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side
  • It comes in one size that fits most cars
  • It fits snugly on all sides of the seat, keeping things from falling through the gap

Promising review:

I purchased this product to fill the gap between my seats. As advertised, it does exactly that. It looks nice and fits perfectly. The way it fits around the seat belts gives the seats a sleek look. @ Madison

11. This is a complete bed with pillows right in your car. You can use it not only when traveling, but also for swimming and at home. This set will turn any ride into a pleasure.

  • Includes: 1 inflatable bed, 2 pillows, 1 pump, 2 leg supports, 1 neck pillow, 1 sleep mask, 2 sleep earplugs, 1 repair pillow
  • It has a special design to prevent a child from falling while driving
  • The whole set is not heavy and weighs only 2.5 kg

Promising review:

My husband and I had to take a 9-hour road trip to pick up our new pup. Normally, I despise road trips — my hips and legs hurt from sitting for so long, so I decided to buy this as a backseat nap option, and it’s fantastic. I was super comfortable, and when we got to our destination, my husband was able to sleep too before driving home. Highly recommend. @ Alissa Adkins

12. Say no to garbage in the car with this cute trashcan. You can easily use it day and night thanks to the lamp, without distracting your attention from the road.

  • The bag has LED backlighting
  • The slim design allows it to take up little space
  • This pocket is waterproof and airtight

Promising review:

I absolutely love this trash can! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I was worried it would not stay on, but that’s definitely not a problem. It sticks on really well. I was looking for a can that would not be in the way and wouldn’t be so bulky. It looks like it came with my car. It sits very nicely. It’s just the right size for daily small trash like receipts, gum wrappers, etc., which is what I need it for. It closes with no problem. It could also fit larger trash, like a soda can or maybe a water bottle, but might not close. I’m not sure how leak proof it is as I haven’t put anything with liquid in it. The little light is a great extra. @ Amazon Customer

What are the two things you need most in your car on trips?

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Preview photo credit Cindy / Amazon, Marie Ryan / Amazon


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