15 People Who Can Find Sunshine on the Darkest Days

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You are doing your health a big favor by seeing the proverbial glass half full rather than half empty. Research has shown that optimism can help you lead a healthier life, no matter your current physical state, so a positive outlook works out for the best. People who are more hopeful for tomorrow might just end up having a better day.

Bright Side found these people on Reddit who made the best of some really tricky solutions using an excellent sense of humor and plenty of pizzazz.

1. “I may have lost a leg, but at least I’m able to rotate my knee 360 degrees now.”

2. “At least my bra has pockets, unlike almost any other clothing item I have.”

3. “I ordered a tablet stand but it looks like I received the Enterprise.”

4. The perfect way to fix a dent on the car

5. “I broke my wrist and got bored of the plain old cast, so I decorated it Iron Man style.”

6. “Hotel room service had some fun with my glasses.”

7. “Our paint can broke last night and dried in a really fun way.”

8. “My window cracked, so I fixed it the only way I know how.”

9. “My wife made crutches for her T-rex planter after a storm broke one of his legs.”

10. “The last thing made by my printer before it broke”

11. “I loved the look of this iPad cover but later realized it’s the same as my dining room wall covering. I know what I like.”

12. “An icicle dripped off my roof into a bottle. It refroze and the bottle shattered to reveal this near-perfect ice bottle.”

13. “A good buddy of mine spilled coffee on his shirt and then fixed it with a Sharpie.”

14. “My friend’s son broke his arm. His mom decorated his cast.”

15. “Finally, my hand is useful for something other than drying the inside of drinking glasses!”

Do you remember a time when you used optimism to make everything better? Do you see the positive side of things more?


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