15+ People Who Got Their Problem Solving Skills From Their Mother’s Milk

2 years ago

Effective problem-solving skills result in happier, more confident, and more independent individuals. The trick is to find an easy solution to a difficult problem or, to put it shortly, it’s all about thinking outside the box. Some people were born geniuses, and we found a few of them that will make you giggle at their creativity.

Bright Side believes that if a life hack is practical and funny at the same time, it’s too good to not be shared with you.

1. “Since I’m deaf in one ear, I thought this was a friendly way to tell the world they should not talk to me from the left.”

2. “My daughter’s solution to invite fairies to live in our backyard”

3. “On this nice day off, I wanted to lay in the sun but also play some games. It was too bright to see the screen outside.”

4. “My wife has been learning to play video games recently. I made her a diagram under the TV so she didn’t have to keep looking down at the controller.”

5. “Solutions...not problems”

6. “This is how I let my toast cool so one side doesn’t get soggy.”

7. “19 years ago today, on Halloween, this is how I announced to my students and colleagues that I was pregnant.”

8. “My friend’s son has trouble walking, and this was the solution for Halloween.”

9. “This coffee shop fixed the wall with Legos.”

10. “My wife was bummed our pumpkin was ruined by animals. I fixed it.”

11. Tired of losing your remote in the strangest places? Tape a cheap spatula over it and you won’t lose it ever again.

12. “My grandma’s solution to phones at the table”

13. “It’s a Kinder Surprise spoon, just so you know.”

14. “My brother-in-law’s dog gets jealous when they take monthly pictures of their new baby, so they found a solution.”

15. Pool noodles make great cushy footrests.

16. “Cut and attach old bike tires onto your kid’s plastic ATV wheels. They’re less noisy and have better grip and durability.”

17. “The girls on the team wanted to get their nails ready for the wakeboarding world championships, so I asked them to bring my feet along to the salon.”

Will you try the hack that keeps you from losing the remote? Do you have a “funny but it works” life hack to share with us?

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