15 People Who Learned Something New About Themselves

4 years ago

The human body is a unique system that is still not fully understood. And even if we take a closer look at our own bodies, we can surely find some new and impressive things about them, just like the people featured in this article did.

We at Bright Side found 15 people who’ve recently learned about some unique features of their bodies.

15. “I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow.”

14. “Severed a nerve in my index finger. Now half my finger can no longer prune.”

13. “My beard grows 1/4 orange and is split at pretty much the middle of my chin.”

12. “I have an extra pad on my pinky finger.”

11. “I have a dipper on my arm.”

10. “I have elf ears.”

9. “My cat and I have the same mole.”

8. “I have a birthmark right in my eye’s waterline.”

7. “I’m partially blind in my left eye. Turns out, it doesn’t show any ’red eye’ in photos.”

6. “This is what the loss of blood flow to my fingers due to Raynaud’s disease looks like.”

5. “I have a pair of moles that look like an eyebrow piercing.”

4. “I can lift one of my eyelids by moving my jaw.”

3. “The gap in my teeth is shaped like an arrow.”

2. “I’ve always wondered why my belly button attracts a lot of comments...”

1. “The veins on my hand spell out ’icy.’”

Have you ever learned any curious things about your body? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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all the guys in my family have a weird shape of the left eyebrow. It's way different from the right one


#11 reminded me that I have three beauty spots on my hand, and they make a perfect triangle


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