15+ People Who Wish They Could Press the Restart Button on Their Day

year ago

We all are sometimes faced with situations that really push our buttons and make us lose all our calm. But instead of getting overwhelmed by anger, some people choose to transform their frustration into sarcasm and make fun of the unfortunate situations they’re in. After all, nothing will last forever, even the most annoying event, so it’s better to laugh things off than to allow them to get to us.

1. ’’Grabbed a hot metal bowl.’’

2. ’’A dog chewed my shoes.’’

3. ’’I wondered why my chips had no flavor. All the seasoning stuck together in the shape of a rock.’’

4. ’’So this just happened in our office bathroom.’’

5. ’’My fork decidedly didn’t want me to eat the pastry.’’

6. ’’This guy on my plane’’

7. ’’So our school lunches got changed this year, and this is what the pizza looks like...’’

8. ’’A girl at school just purposely stepped on my brand new shoes.’’

9. ’’My friend was cooking a frozen pizza.’’

10. ’’My son’s phone fell between the cushions and got caught in the hinges of the bed frame...’’

11. ’’My brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs.’’

12. ’’I decided to treat myself to my favorite jelly donut for my birthday. I demand a redo.’’

13. ’’The key broke off inside the lock to a very important work door.’’

14. ’’My mom accidentally swiped her jumper over my painting while it was still wet.’’

15. ’’The outer glass layer of the oven exploded.’’

16. Painted over

Has a similar situation ever happened to you? Do you tend to keep your calm when faced with such annoying situations?


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