15+ Pics That Prove Cats and Dogs Are a Match Made in Heaven

3 years ago

The wide-spread stereotype says that cats and dogs can’t get along with each other. The good thing is that stereotypes are often not true and the characters of our compilation prove it. After all, it doesn’t matter how your friend looks on the outside, when you know how to appreciate their personality on the inside.

We at Bright Side are eager to show you how tender the friendship between dogs and cats can be. The bonus at the end will show you a couple of other types of friendships between animals.

When you can’t go outside because it’s too smoky...

“He’s in there somewhere.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him use her as a pillow.”

“A Jack sandwich between 2 slices of puppernickel”

The 4 musketeers

Sister and brother love ❤️. Meet Phoebe and Cletus.

Next door dog doing a visit

When your friendship is so strong it radiates love.

“We were worried our 17 lb cat would be unhappy about us rescuing a dog from the local shelter.”

“My cat does this to my dog all the time.”

“My Shar Pei mix and my dog cat (he acts like a dog)... this is not posed.”

“My grumpy old men (14 and 9) sharing a bed”

“Well, well, well, look who I found lurking on the windowsill behind the curtains together.”

“AWWWWW I love when cats do that little affectionate tail wrap!!”

“Adopted 2 kittens a few days ago. You could say they’re getting along with the dog quite well.”

“I love my little kitty brother!”

Bonus: Friendships can be different.

“They have secret conversations in the evenings when they think we’re not watching.”

Are you the happy owner of a cat and a dog? Do they get along with each other well?

Preview photo credit 4reddits / reddit


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