18 Pics That Prove Our Most Precious Memories Are Impossible to Forget

year ago

Photos are a great way to keep memories alive, but the best times are the ones we spend with family and friends. Our old photographs may generate so many feelings that they might make you wish you could revisit those wonderful times in your life.

1. ’’I’m a dad!’’

2. “Our babies first laugh at 5 weeks old.”

3. "Nothing like the love between a great-grandmother and her great-grandbaby.’’

4. ’’My friends that haven’t met her yet couldn’t grasp just how enormous Orca is at 12-weeks-old until I showed them the photo on the right.’’

5. ’’I got to try out my new ski feet today. Can’t wait to try them out on the mountain!’’

6. ’’Look at that face! Adorable!’’

7. ’’My baby shark’’

8. ’’Met on Reddit, friends for 2 years, dating for a little over a month, we’re making it work, and I’m the happiest gal in the world.’’

9. ’’I think he’s excited about his first Halloween costume.’’

10. ’’I took my 86 year old grandma to the park today and asked her if she wanted to do a photo shoot. She said yes. Also, no filter.’’

11. ’’My 2020 wedding was canceled. Today we conducted an impromptu picture shoot, and I’ve never felt so lovely.’’

12. ’’My daughter got her first backpack and now we match. Off to daycare and work.’’

13. ’’My wife, my daughter, and my son. I am a lucky man.’’

14. ’’I have 3 kids. It’s the absolute best.’’

15. ’’There is absolutely nothing better than sleeping in on your off day while cuddling with your baby. Makes it all worth it.’’

16. ’’My mother 1973-74 hugging her only son — me. I was adopted as an infant.’’

17. ’’The greatest catch of my life.’’

18. ’’Two years ago today I survived an extremely risky surgery that every doctor thought would kill me. I was 93lbs, today I am 193lbs.’’

Which memory do you cherish the most? What is your favorite image you have taken recently? Feel free to share it with us.

Preview photo credit **th_Tribe / Reddit


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