15 Times Nature Gave Van Gogh a Run for His Money

2 years ago

Mother Nature never ceases to wow us with her innate beauty and mysterious creativity. Apart from the Earth’s natural wonders, there are a lot of strangely beautiful phenomena that prove just how artistic nature can be.

Bright Side has compiled some of Mother Nature’s remarkable works of art that will certainly give you a renewed appreciation for the fascinating world we live in.

1. “Loba, my 3-month-old baby chihuahua, with her heart birthmark”

2. “The inside of this tree looks like E.T.”

3. “This picture I took in California of a tree looks like a path going through an alien landscape.”

4. “This flower looks like a wolf.”

5. “A crazy looking cloud in the quiet little mountain town of Julian, California.”

6. And you never saw a cat with a mustache, right?

7. “This cloud looks like Sonic the Hedgehog.”

8. “My cat’s white fur looks like a chicken!”

9. “I caught a rainbow in a piece of Selenite. It looks like Marvel’s infinity stone.”

10. “Caught an interesting phenomenon today.”

11. “As of today, this is the most unique image of lightning I’ve captured.”

12. “This ice looks like an eye.”

13. “My calf has a perfect shaped heart on its head.”

14. Who would’ve thought 10,000-year-old glacial ice would look like a scaly monster’s head?

15. Look closely and you’ll see a dragon in this geode.

Among the many wonders that nature has to offer, which one never ceases to amaze you? Make sure to sound off about your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit dendy_d / Reddit


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