18 Pics That Prove the Right Timing Can Create a Masterpiece

2 years ago

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. If you don’t agree, how would you explain all these peculiar coincidences that were captured — a grandmother with butterfly wings, a seagull pulling a girl’s head off the beach, or a child that can control water... It wasn’t just someone’s quick hands that grabbed the camera, but rather the right time and the right place.

Here at Bright Side, we love coincidences. So take a look at these photos — they are guaranteed to make you stare for a moment.

1. “Just a typical family photo with our furbabies...”

2. I didn’t know butterflies lived that long.

3. Yeah I could use a pet poltergeist as well.

4. Aight, Imma just take this.

5. We’re both watching you, hooman.

6. One second before disaster...

7. “The timing of this image makes it look like my nephew is a waterbender.”

8. You asked for it.

9. “Years ago my brother lost his cellphone on a roller coaster. Then he saw the ride photo...”

10. When speed and idleness met in one frame.

11. Grandfather and 3 brothers in 1940, a moment before their grand fall

12. Meet the great Dogzilla.

13. A rare sight, a cat from IKEA assembling itself

14. A giant dog roams over a freshly plowed street — nothing special, keep on scrolling.

15. “The way my brother’s phone camera caught the flash of this lightning”

16. “My friend used to love that bird.”

17. Treemendous hair!

18. I’ll help with those ripped tights, mom!

If you have taken or seen any fantastically awesome shots, please share them with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit MotherKoko***z / reddit


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I love number 5! That's too good 😂 The face is so priceless!!


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