19 People Who Made a Profit With Their Purchases

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Popular brands tend to be expensive. Most of us would have to save a large part of our salaries if we wanted to buy good clothes. But there are places that have hidden gems at an amazing price. And only connoisseurs know and have managed to hunt down great bargains on expensive items.

1. “Found a vintage Christian Dior fur coat today!”

2. “My husband says I have a sixth sense in thrift stores. I went in today to look for perler beads and came out with a $600 Gucci handbag for $7.99.”

3. “Barely used $750 Breville Barista Express for $39.99 at Goodwill!”

4. “Paid $3 for a belkin wireless charger without the cord.”

“Then I emailed belkin asking where I could get a new cord, and they sent me a brand-new charger and cord.”

5. “Finally found a Tiffany Lamp after years on the lookout, so happy! $75 at a local second hand store.”

6. “I almost didn’t thrift today!”

7. “I was already going to buy it at that price but then I saw the carrying bag was full of games and got it immediately! Find of the year!”

8. “My surprise jewelry box treasure, before cleaning, after 1 cleaning, and after 2 cleanings.”

9. “Salvatore Ferragamo heels for $12 in a thrift store.”

10. “W by Vera Wang Wedding Dress for $65!”

11. “Found this nice 950 sterling silver cultured pearl bracelet in a bag of jewelry for $20.”

12. “I’m an opera singer. Guess who found this $1000 Chiara Boni gown for $15 at Salvation Army!?”

13. “From Habitat for Humanity: this leather Etienne Aigner satchel in brand new condition for $10!”

14. “A $120 candle for $5. It smells like what I think James Bond might smell like. Torn between burning it and selling it.”

15. “Pierre Soulages Lithograph. Paid $45, estimated at $5-6k, but one just like it sold last year for $16,200!”

16. “Keith Haring necktie for $3 at Goodwill!”

17. “Picked this up at a flea market last weekend. It’s 10k gold and natural opal.”

18. “My late great-grandfather shut down his men’s clothing store 30 years ago. Today, I bought a suit tailored by him in a Goodwill nearly 400 miles away.”

19. “Two Hermes ties from a Goodwill outlet for about 10 cents each.”

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wish UK charity shops were like thrift stores. You nevwr find gems like these. If you did the prices would be high. Esp gold or designer.


I know exactly what you mean. I absolutely never find treasures like these in my local thrift stores. With the exception of a pink plaid Dooney and Bourke purse for $11 that was worth $250 + and a small 10kt gold bracelet at a yard sale for $1 that I asked twice if they were sure was marked correctly and they said yes 😀. That was over 20 years.


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