19 Pets Who Know How to Chill Better Than Anyone

4 years ago

Cats sleep 16 hours per day on average, on the other hand, older ones can sleep for like 20+ hours. Now, what do our pets do when they are not sleeping? Well, they goof around and chill...

Here at Bright Side, we decided to take a look at the lives of these pets and found some really interesting ways they like to chill.

Do not forget to check the bonus section at the end of the article.

1. “My dog sits on my lap like a human.”

2. “If I fits I sits.”

3. You got a problem with this human?

4. “If I fits, I sits.” Part 2

5. “My dog, enjoying the finer things in life.”

6. “Dat Shiba smiles... and he reads.”

7. “Fits and Sits” is getting out of hand now.

8. Enough work for today...

9. When he sits in a chair, he becomes a shapeless blob of fur and legs.

10. It’s the one and only D-O-G.

11. Watcha lookin at human? I need ma own bath you know...

12. Because normal is boring.

13. This dog just loves swinging.

14. This happy dog is stuck in the mud but we don’t think he needs any help getting free.

15. This Shiba is more human looking than a human.

16. Cuz, girls dig the car...

17. “Sometimes I swear my friend’s dog is a human in a dogs body.”

18. Where are we going, Mom? Be quiet kids...

19. Enough chillin’ for the day, I’mma try some yoga moves now...

Bonus: more funny pictures we can’t just keep to ourselves

This dog is trying to fit through the cat door.

“So I walked into the great room and found my dog like this. This isn’t staged... she did this herself. Clearly she’s learned from the master... me.”

Everyone else is chilling while this guy seems depressed.

This is more comfortable than my bed...

You might wanna take some tips from these pets. Do you have a cool pet that chills out like this? Drop your photos in the comments and don’t forget to share the article if you liked it.


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