20+ Celebrities Who Masterfully Got Into Someone Else’s Photo but Didn’t Ruin It

4 years ago

Many famous people, despite their celebrity status, don’t hesitate to jump into other people’s photos without giving it a second thought. And it doesn’t matter if they’re the celeb’s colleagues or ordinary people who are trying to take the picture — absolutely everyone sincerely enjoys when this happens. And the end result turns out to be the real masterpiece that always puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

Bright Side found out which celebrities enjoy “ruining” each other’s photos and realized that all of them are pretty good at it — and Jared Leto and George Clooney are total pros! At the end of the article, you’ll find a picture that was taken in 1853 and it just may be the very first photobomb in history.

When Margot Robbie was photographed for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s promotional materials, Brad Pitt decided to interfere.

“I took this family picture several years ago and it turned out to be a photobomb with Drake.”

Gisele Bündchen decided to photobomb Anne Hathaway.

And then Jared Leto decided to outshine Anne Hathaway.

But Lupita Nyong’o avenged Jared Leto on Anne Hathaway’s behalf.

Guess who turned this picture into a photobomb?

“Keanu Reeves at my son’s wedding”

George Clooney photobombing Steven Spielberg, Jessica Seinfeld, and Jerry Seinfeld

Steven Spielberg doesn’t mind having a little fun.

Beyoncé couldn’t resist showing her tongue in a selfie with the actress, Nikki Boyer.

Jake Gyllenhaal with actress Ashley Park

Nicole Kidman looks good with Russell Crowe and Meryl Streep.

When you’re trying to have a serious conversation, but your agent and Prince Harry aren’t serious at all:

Samuel L. Jackson has fun behind Salma Hayek’s back.

Jennifer Lopez took a selfie but it turned out to be a photobomb with Jennifer Aniston and her husband, Justin Theroux.

Simon Pegg decided to outshine Tom Cruise.

But Tom Cruise also likes to photobomb other people’s pics.

Justin Timberlake decided to “ruin” Kate Winslet’s photo.

Katy Perry photobombing Orlando Bloom

Rami Malek got into Portia Doubleday’s photo.

Jason Momoa was in the right place at the right time.

Bonus: This photo was taken in Wales in 1853 and is probably the very first photobomb.

Do you like to photobomb other people’s photos? Do you have similar pictures in your photo albums?

Preview photo credit drlaurencerifkindds / instagram


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I wish Keanu Reeves will get into any of my photos haha. I love that man


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