20 Photos Taken From Such a Weird Angle, We Couldn’t Understand Them at First

3 years ago

Taking a good photograph is no easy task — you can get all kinds of unexpected results. A good perspective is always crucial; if we mess that up, we’ll probably end up with a rather confusing and even funny picture, the kind that people need to look at twice before understanding what’s going on. Extra-long cats, heads and legs everywhere, small hands on adults, and animals with human bodies — these things are common on certain Reddit and Imgur pages.

Bright Side selected 20 pictures where the angles turned out to be pretty confusing but really amusing.

1. “My cat forgot her body. She’s just a head now.”

2. This kitty with human arms seems to be feeding its pal.

3. 2 girls who seemingly share the same body

4. “I tried to take a selfie with my chicken and got this.”

5. Just...how?

6. Apparently, there’s someone chilling on her hat!

7. “Nice rims!”

8. It looks like some people have floating powers.

9. “Low light and a slow shutter while my pup was licking her chops made it look like she was wearing lipstick.”

10. “Am I seeing a giant dog?”

11. “I thought the driver of this car was just staring down at me for no reason.”

12. “It looks like my finger went through the cup.”

13. Wait, isn’t that Spider-Man?

14. “There’s something off about my classmate...”

15. “Nice legs, sir.”

16. “This tree trunk looks 2-dimensional.”

17. “My daughter kneeling on the floor”

18. “My friend and his girlfriend”

19. When your forearm looks unsettling:

20. This cat is extra, extra long.

Have you ever taken a picture from a deceiving angle? Share the results with us!

Preview photo credit Sadzeih / Reddit, peruperi / Reddit


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