22 Cubs Who Don’t Look Like Their Parents at All

4 years ago

Most animal cubs are small copies of their parents, and they are all so different: some will grow up to be predators, some will feed only on grass and fruits, and some will fly to distant lands. But there are newborn babies who can only be recognized when they are next to their mothers.

Bright Side put together 22 photos of newborn animals and birds who don’t look like their mothers and fathers at all.

22. Meerkat

21. Brazilian Tapir

20. Owl

19. Snail

18. Penguin

17. Echidna

16. Giant Panda

15. Rhinoceros

14. Frogmouth

13. Flamingo

12. Sloth

11. Bat

10. Porcupine

9. Polar Bear

8. Red Panda

7. Fennec Fox

6. Bactrian Camel

5. Platypus

4. Hedgehog

3. Skate

2. Kangaroo

1. Black Cockatoo

Would you be able to guess what animal it is just by looking at their cubs?


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