22 Pets Who Prove They Are the Masters of Surprise

4 years ago

Everyone has expectations when buying or adopting pets. It’s shown that pets are good for our health and are natural de-stressers, they are historically known for wanting to protect their humans, and most importantly, it’s been proven that our pets see us as family. But they’re still animals, and some of their actions are hilariously unexpected.

We at Bright Side found the most bizarre ways our fur babies can take us by surprise with their strange little antics, and be warned: the results are delightful.

1. “I claim dis watermelon.”

2. “What? This isn’t what you meant when you said sit?”

3. You’ve got to make a better deal if you want your pup on your side.

4. “Ever since my boss got a new puppy, the other 2 have been fighting to get attention.”

5. “My co-worker wanted to check-in on her dogs and realized she left the TV on.”

6. “This coffee is much too sweet!”

7. “How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?!”

8. “The question is not what he is doing there, but what this piece of ham is doing on him.”

9. “Left my baby husky alone for a minute, and I come back to this.”

10. “This is what I find comfortable. Don’t judge me.”

11. “Out camping a few weekends back and while setting up the tent, I look over at my girlfriend’s dog and see this.”

12. Making a bed out of these is simply jean-ius.

13. One dog chilling in a hot tub....

14. “I was trying to enjoy a nice bath but...”

15. “Someone please give this cat an exorcism.”

16. “Well Patricia, if you paid more attention to me we wouldn’t be in this position would we?”

17. “I can’t leave you alone for one second, can I?”

18. “Yes, human. Hi. I seem to have made a mistake and am in need of your assistance.”

19. “So I walked into the great room and found my dog like this. This isn’t staged... she did this herself.”

20. “My friend works at a dog grooming spa, she turned around and saw this happening....”

21. “Oh, hello... I was just making sure the rice was the perfect temperature...”

22. “What? I’m just hanging out. Nothing unusual here.”

We’d love to know how your pets have managed to surprise you. Please share your pictures and stories with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit le0nicolas / reddit


Animals don't know what private space means ?
That's why we love them, our clingy fluffy cuties!
Last photo proves one more time that cats come from another planet ?
About #8.. I guess they tried to get a cat out of there with a piece of ham. Seems like it didn't work :D

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