22 Times Queen Elizabeth’s Bold Outfits Made Her Look Brighter Than Everyone Around Her

2 years ago

Queen Elizabeth II has been in the public eye her entire life and wants to make sure her subjects see her — literally. That’s partly why she has long worn festive, bright colors for her public appearances. According to Robert Hardman, the Queen’s biographer, she once explained her color choice by saying, “I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am.” When it comes to fashion, the Queen’s motto is: “You have to be seen to be believed,” and she definitely doesn’t go unnoticed whenever and wherever she appears.

In February of this year, Her Majesty marked her platinum jubilee, 70 years on the throne, which makes her the longest-reigning monarch in England. We at Bright Side believe it’s the perfect time to take a look back at how her style evolved over the years.

1. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret at a garden party during the Royal Tour in 1947

2. Queen Elizabeth II after dinner in the Louvre Palace, 1957

3. Her Majesty at a garden party in London, 1967

4. The Queen wore the floral print dress for a performance at the Royal Opera House in 1972.

5. Her Majesty during a state visit to Japan, 1975

6. Queen Elizabeth II on her silver jubilee tour in New Zealand, 1977

7. Trinidad and Tobago tour, 1985

8. Her Majesty sporting a pink outfit at an event, 1991

9. The Queen attends the Royal Variety Performance, 1999

10. An annual tea party in Buckingham Palace, 2001

11. Cartier International Polo Day, 2003

12. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at the Norwegian ambassador’s residence in London, 2005

13. Queen Elizabeth II at King’s College, Cambridge, 2009

14. Jubilee Gardens, London, 2012

15. Epsom Derby Festival in Surrey, England, 2017

16. At an event in Islington, England, 2017

17. Queen Elizabeth II hosted the annual garden party in 2018.

18. Her Majesty receiving a medal, 2020

19. The Queen at Windsor Castle, 2020

20. The Queen arrives at Balmoral Castle for her summer break, 2021.

21. Her Majesty at an event at Buckingham Palace, 2021

22. Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a reception to celebrate the start of the Platinum Jubilee at the Sandringham House in 2022.

Which color do you think fits the Queen the best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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The Queen always looks so elegant ,but like her mother ,I believe that she looks best in pastels such as powder blue and pale lilac .


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