23 People Who Can’t Stop Laughing When They See Their Old Photos

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All of us probably have at least one old picture that we’re ashamed of. Usually, parents and grandparents keep such photos so they can show them to everyone when they have a chance. But sometimes, it’s really nice to remember when you got your bangs cut right before a photo shoot or decided to put some salami on your face.

1. “10 years ago in our first family photo, it looked like we stole someone’s kid.”

2. “My family dubbed me ’5-head’.”

3. “My mom said I was the cutest boy in the world.”

4. “I really don’t understand why my modeling career didn’t take off. I took 1990 by storm!”

5. “Not sure if I was going for emo or Amish...”

6. “Those ’90s glamour shots...”

7. “A photo of when I decided to cut my bangs before picture day”

8. “The ’80s were scary.”

9. “How were we all single?”

10. “Apparently, I liked salami.”

11. “Made those pants myself, by the way.”

12. “These bangs are a crime against humanity.”

13. “I never quite learned how to smile right.”

14. “Mom thought it would be a good idea to give me a haircut before transferring me to a new school. My classmates thought I was a guy for the first week or so.”

15. “When you take a nap and wake up 14 hours later in another dimension...”

16. “Not sure why I was dressed up like this, it wasn’t Halloween. No idea where this dress came from either, but it’s glorious. And yes, I’m a guy.”

17. “I couldn’t afford steampunk goggles, so I just painted the outside of my swimming goggles gold.”

18. “I really thought this made a good Myspace profile picture.”

19. “3rd grade me was absolutely special.”

20. “I have no name for this aesthetic. Maybe circus punk?”

21. “That one time I wanted to be a carton of milk for Halloween...”

22. “I still like Pokémon, but this may have been a bit much.”

23. “I’m in the back. I’m female. That’s my fish she’s holding. This picture was hung up in the front of our elementary school for an entire week.”

Do you still keep your old photos even though you’re a little bit ashamed of them? How often do you show them to people?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit koshka_00 / Reddit


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