6 Things That Make Age-Gap Relationships Thrive

May-December romances are often met with raised eyebrows, but a study has proven that women in huge age-gap relationships are the most satisfied with their love lives. While the maturity of the older partner is already a well-known factor for the success of these unions, there are many other reasons why going for someone who is literally beyond — or way below — your years, could lead to a happy marriage.

Bright Side explored other advantages of having a big age difference between couples, which would explain why it’s possible for these commitments to last forever.

1. They both know what they want, and their respective ages fit each other’s priorities.

People may pursue different goals when they reach a certain age. There are some younger women who are ready to have a family, and older men who may still want to have children. In this case, the older-younger pairing is a “good investment.”

A woman who is aiming to raise a family may be looking for the maturity and stability that a more experienced man can provide, while an older man who wishes to have kids may be looking for someone who is reproductively fit.

For couples where the wife is more senior than the husband, one advantage is that the woman is already sure of what she wants in life. This means there are fewer chances of getting mixed messages from her, and the man will know exactly where he stands. Older women also tend to deal with problems more logically and fairly.

2. Older partners understand what their younger spouses need.

Marrying an older person could mean more space for things you want to do. They were young once as well, so they tend to be more understanding if you need to take some personal time for your hobbies or interests. They won’t necessarily hold it against you or assume that there’s something wrong with the relationship.

3. Their marriage has a combination of wisdom and energy.

Having different levels of maturity can be healthy if it provides complementary perspectives for couples. One trans woman describes how the 15-year age gap with her partner plays into their relationship, saying that since they are at varying life stages, they bring different things to the table when it comes to negotiating. And while the older spouse provides wisdom, the younger one can act like a fountain of youth, bringing a special kind of spontaneity to the relationship.

4. There’s a lot of exciting exchange between them.

Growing up in different cultural times means there’s plenty of stories to share with each other. As one woman dating a guy 12 years her senior puts it, both of them learn a lot from the relationship — “I taught him surfing, and he is teaching me about financial stuff since I’m trying to buy my first house. It is beneficial both ways!”

5. The relationship moves at a faster pace.

Due to certain age concerns, a younger-older couple may become more aggressive with their relationship goals. A wife shares that since her husband is 11 years older than her, they were “racing the clock” so they began having a family way earlier than she would’ve probably had if she married someone her age. Another 39-year-old woman says that she prefers to be with someone older because she wants to have kids, and she couldn’t wait for someone who is still “growing up” himself.

6. They strive harder to make the relationship work.

According to experts, May-December couples face several challenges, including the stigma and the social disapproval or lack of support from family and peers. Different career paths and health concerns are also factors that can affect their connection. These things force them to navigate through difficult hurdles early in the relationship, and as a result, they are able to build a strong foundation.

At the end of the day, love is love. As long as the relationship is built on trust, commitment, and respect, the marriage will likely succeed, regardless of age.


  • “I was in my 20s, she was in her 50s. I’ve never wanted children, or a typical family. So I don’t feel like I gave up anything. We spent 25 years together.” © Jeciron / Reddit

Is age an important consideration for you when looking for a lifetime partner? Why or why not?

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Depositphotos.com, Jeciron / Reddit


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