9 Household Items That We Tend to Use Much Longer Than We Should

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We might keep some household items longer than we should. Pillow cases and water filters can become a source of unpleasant consequences if you don’t replace them in a timely manner.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out how to take care of certain household items properly, and how often they should be replaced.

Water filters

Many people think that water filters get clean with every use. In fact, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not replaced on a regular basis. It’s recommended to replace them on average every 6 months.


Unfortunately, not all irons are designed to last 10-12 years. They usually have a 1-year warranty. If, after this period, you notice that the iron doesn’t work properly, for example, it takes longer than usual to get your clothing ironed, or the iron even ruins clothes, it may be worth getting a new one. It’s much easier to replace an iron than trying to fix it or buying new clothes.

Cleaning rags

It’s recommended to replace a mop cloth every 2 months. If you do it less frequently, you’ll make your floors not cleaner but dirtier because an old cloth will leave germs and bacteria on them.

The same thing applies to rags for other surfaces. You should replace them every 2 months. And don’t leave them damp under the sink or in the closet, you should wash them right after cleaning.


By replacing a doormat regularly, you will keep your house clean. It should be replaced after 2 years of use, or earlier if it has worn out. And if you get 2 doormats and alternate them, their usage time will be doubled.

Pillow cases

Pillow cases can harbor dust mites, so you should use them for a week, and it’s recommended to replace them every 1-2 years.

In addition to washing bed linen once a week, you can use allergy covers under your pillow cases, which don’t let dust mites through. Besides, it’s better not to go to bed with wet hair, which can make the pillow case a breeding ground for bacteria.


This tool can serve for a few years. It’s easy to tell that it’s time to replace it: a plunger must create a vacuum. If it no longer does this and sags, it’s worth buying a new one.

Car seat

Few people know that a car seat expires. Materials tend to degrade over time, and therefore an old car seat may not be safe to use. As a rule, a car seat lasts 5-6 years, and each model has an expiration date.


Microwaves last about 10 years, but timing is not the only reason they need to be replaced. To make sure your device works properly, you need to listen for any strange noises it makes while operating. Another reason for replacing your microwave is slowing down in heating food or damage of the door seal.

Shower curtain

Shower curtains are recommended to be washed every month or at least every 2 to 3 months, and replaced once a year. However, if you can’t clean the curtain properly and signs of mold appear on it, it’s better to replace it immediately.

Which of the items mentioned above do you replace regularly? What else would you recommend replacing on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments below.

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