9 Tips to Help You Choose a Bag That Won’t Hurt Your Back

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4 years ago

Bags aren’t just pretty or useful, they can also affect our posture, our body strength, and even the shape of our body. Therefore, it is really important to know how to choose a bag that does not harm your body at all. You can follow some easy tips and tricks to get it right and make sure that your bags are good investments in every possible way.

We at Bright Side gathered some tips and tricks to find out if your bag is the ideal one, or if you should skip this purchase.

1. Go for a bag that stays close to your body.

When you choose a bag that stays close to your body, the weight of it will be evenly distributed and more ergonomic. Use it as a crossbody, so if you have the strap on the right shoulder, put the bag across your body and on the left. Remember, it is recommended to switch sides from time to time.

2. Avoid bags that need to be carried in your arms.

Avoid models that can only be carried by your arms. Go for bags that can be supported by your back, shoulders, or other stronger parts of your body. When you are carrying a bag with just your arm, it can cause elbow, shoulder, wrist, and neck issues.

3. Pay attention to the weight of the bag.

It is really important to pay attention to the bag’s weight. Since you are going to carry things inside, you have to consider that the weight is only going to grow. It shouldn’t be more than 10% of your body weight.

4. Stay away from chains.

Although chains are items that make a bag more fashionable, they are not the best choice when it comes to your body. They are heavy and tend to gouge the flesh. Look for short and soft handles, that won’t hurt you.

5. Test it out.

Sometimes things are not what they look like. It is important to try and test the bag before buying it. You can feel it, assess its weight, see if you like the way it stays next to your body, and gauge whether the straps hurt you, so you can be sure that it is the best model for you.

6. Go for small models.

Choose smaller models, so you don’t demand too much of your body. First, they are lighter because they have less material. Second, you won’t feel like you have to carry a lot of things, because you know they won’t fit.

7. Go for models that are well constructed.

If the bag has a shape, a firm base, and inner compartments, it will keep the weight well distributed and your balance won’t be thrown off. Choose models that have these features, so you don’t hurt your body. The size of the bag doesn’t matter, as long as it gives you this support.

8. Choose bags that are carried by stronger parts of your body.

The best choices are always the ones that can be carried by a stronger part of your body. Backpacks and fanny packs are great options to hold your things without demanding too much of your body. Your back and lower lumbar vertebrae can bear more weight than your neck, upper back, and forearms.

9. Chose large straps.

The strap can mean a lot when you choose your bag. If it is too thin, it can hurt your skin, besides not being able to give the support you’ll need to hold the weight of the purse. So, it is best for your body if you go for the ones with larger straps.

Do you have any of the bags that could be a danger to your posture? If you do, do they hurt you? Share your stories with us in the comments below!


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true, but most of the time I wear sportive style of clothes, so backpack compliments everything


I used to have a heavy bag because I wanted to keep everything in, but now I learned to keep only the essentials


I think number 7 is quite difficult to do because it depends on the model you like


Since I learn to the tip #9 by myself I have stopped doing it. It also helps me to show my figure even more ??


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