A Couple Adopts 7 Kids After Both Their Parents Passed Away, “They Had No One Else to Go To”

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9 months ago

Pam and Gary Willis made the compassionate decision to adopt seven siblings under 16 who tragically lost their parents in a car crash. Despite already having five children of their own, they stepped in after discovering their story and provided these kids with a loving home.

A Facebook post that changed it all.

Pam and Gary Willis were a recent empty-nester couple when one decision changed their lives forever. In January 2019, Pam came across a heart-wrenching story on Facebook. Seven siblings from San Diego had tragically lost both their parents in a car crash, and their future looked uncertain as they faced the possibility of being separated.

Despite already raising five biological children, Pam and Gary selflessly decided to open their hearts and home to these seven siblings. Plus, they had an empty, spacious six-bedroom house after their kids had moved out, and both missed having more people around.

Pam wouldn’t give up.

Pam observed the profound need for love among these children, as they had no one else to turn to. Every week, she made persistent calls to the adoption service to express her strong desire to support and care for the kids. She was committed to demonstrating how their home was safe, along with the knowledge they already had by raising their own kids.

Pam also remembers that the seven siblings were craving stability, having already spent a year in a children’s home, so time wasn’t on their side. And her efforts were worth it.

A big family was suddenly created.

Three months later, Pam and Gary expanded their family to a dozen by welcoming Adelino (15), Ruby (13), Aleecia (8), Anthony (7), Aubriella (6), Leo (5), and Xander (4) into their home. Pam mentioned that although there were initial challenges, including trust issues and sleep disturbances, the siblings have brought immense joy to their lives since the day they arrived.

Pam recalled, “I have noticed how incredibly happy they are, and that makes me so happy too, because that’s all we ask for. The oldest of the seven, Adelino, said to me recently ‘thank you for giving us this life,’ and there is no other feeling like that.”

They are now committed to creating memories together.

The new family often shares the trips they do together. Disney is their favorite place. But their most cherished memory, without a doubt, is the day they officially became a family. Pam and Gary’s adult children joined in the celebration of the adoption, having grown to adore their new siblings as much as their parents do.

Now Pam and Gary celebrate their full family of 12 children and 8 grandchildren with a full smile on their faces.

Choosing to adopt can change one’s life forever but it still faces skepticism from others. Luckily, we have people who fight the prejudice and obstacles to welcome more people into their families.


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