A Traveler Asked People to Recreate Vacation Photos at Home, and They Were Quick to Respond to the Challenge

4 years ago

While enjoying our vacations, many of us like to take photos to forever remember the amazing moments we spent in extraordinary places all around the world. Liudas Dapkus, a Lithuanian traveler, writer, and journalist asked internet users to relive their favorite memories right where they are — in their homes.

We at Bright Side thoroughly enjoyed the original and comedic photos people responded to this challenge with. From a large number of submissions, here are some of the wittiest photos that we thought would make you smile.

1. When you’re not allowed to bring a snake home from Vietnam, so you find the next best thing:

2. No one can stop you from imagining that a day spent sunbathing on the patio, is not a day spent in the Maldives.

3. Climbing the steps to your front door can be just as adventurous as finding your way through the Tokyo subway station.

4. Who needs Rio de Janeiro when you can just put on a robe, spread your arms, and pretend that you’re a statue!

5. Yes, Prague has a rich history and beautiful bridges, but look at all those windows on the building that’s across from your balcony!

6. It must be a real adventure to ski down that kid’s slide.

7. Kids pretend the floor is lava. You can pretend it’s water and that you’re in Spain enjoying a day on the beach, instead of doing chores.

8. Looks like she and the monkey from Indonesia exchanged hair colors for the second photo.

9. You can see that the elephant and the cat are clearly cousins by the way they both know how to fashionably pose.

10. Surely you can get the same tan from sunbathing on the terrace of your building, as the one you got enjoying the magical blue waves and white houses of Santorini.

Going back to the most memorable places from the comfort of your home requires some creativity and a wild imagination. Which of these photos did you find to be the most creative?


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Travelling for homebody like me. Now I am convinced.


This is a good and fun little challenge to try! We need more healthy challenges like this


What a creative people! Also, making the best out of these quarantine days!


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