How 15+ Celebrities Look in Professional and in Filter-Free Home Photos

2 years ago

Celebrities in professional photos, walking on the red carpet, look a bit unearthly to us. Their look, while wearing exclusive outfits, with gorgeous hairstyles and makeup done by top make-up artists, comes across to us as elaborate. However, in everyday life, world-famous women look as simple as all of us do.

We at Bright Side like it when celebrities don’t feel shy about showing their fans filter- and Photoshop-free photos. We decided to compare how celebrities look in professional photos with how they look in everyday life.

Sharon Stone

Jennifer Lopez

Charlize Theron

Kate Hudson

Julia Roberts

Salma Hayek

Julianne Moore

Milla Jovovich

Michelle Pfeiffer

Nicole Kidman

Reese Witherspoon

Cameron Diaz

Halle Berry

Blake Lively

Jennifer Aniston

Natalia Oreiro

Which photos cause more pleasant emotions in you? Professional ones that look perfect or live and sincere homemade selfies?

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Mila is one of those celebs who are not afraid to show themselves as they are, real and no fuzz


I like them all way more without makeup, they look less "plastic" and more true


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