“It’s Not Your Business,” Susan Sarandon, 76, Blasted for Wearing Daring Clothes

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Throughout her career, Susan Sarandon has not only established an impressive reputation in the acting industry but has also consistently showcased her fearless approach to fashion. While her timeless beauty continues to captivate audiences, some of her fashion choices have faced criticism from individuals who deemed them “inappropriate.”

She was an icon of her era.

With her beguiling charm and timeless elegance, Susan Sarandon effortlessly transcended the boundaries of conventional beauty, cementing herself as an extraordinary icon of her era. Throughout her illustrious career, Sarandon captivated audiences with her striking features, radiant smile, and undeniable charisma, leaving an indelible impression on the world of fashion and beauty.

Memorable performances in influential films mark Susan Sarandon’s professional path. Her role in Thelma & Louise (1991) showcased her talent and earned her critical acclaim. She won an Academy Award for her role in Dead Man Walking (1995), solidifying her reputation as a versatile actress.

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Sarandon’s captivating presence wasn’t just limited to the screen and red carpet. She had an impeccable sense of style that blended elegance with a touch of boldness. Her fashion choices became a major source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

But her beauty wasn’t just skin-deep. Sarandon used her fame to shine a light on important causes and advocated for equality, women’s rights, and humanitarian efforts. She proved that true beauty lies in compassion, empathy, and making a positive impact on the world.

Susan has never been more at ease with herself than in her 70s.

People of Hollywood have always been scared of getting old. They feel the pressure to look young forever. But Susan Sarandon is different. Being a fierce liberal activist, she proudly declared when she was 72 that she has never felt more comfortable in her own skin.

“When your sense of time has an ending and isn’t finite, like how it feels when you’re young—when you have an understanding that time is precious—you have a tendency not to waste energy on the small stuff and only to surround yourself with people who are vital, curious, brave and adventurous,” she declared.

Sarandon is like a modern-day rebel, a mix of seduction and outspokenness. She refuses to play by society’s rules when it comes to aging. She got her first tattoo when she was 61, and a few years ago, Sarandon surprised everyone when she announced at 70 that she’d be open to dating women. Love knows no boundaries for her.

When asked about her secret to aging gracefully, she offered some valuable advice, stating, “If you want to age gracefully, probably laugh a lot, and get the normal amount of exercise, and eat well and stay out of the sun would be the main things.” Susan also added, “as is having an amazing makeup and hair team. That’s really secret.”

They criticized her for wearing “revealing” clothes at her age.

Living under the constant scrutiny of the spotlight makes it nearly impossible to evade the judgmental gaze of others. However, Susan has always demonstrated a remarkable indifference toward people’s opinions about her personal fashion choices. She boldly and unapologetically defends her unique style, firmly standing her ground.

A few years ago, after a red carpet-event, Sarandon faced harsh criticism from a journalist for her outfit. Undeterred, Susan confidently rocked a white suit jacket, proudly revealing a dark bra underneath. This bold fashion choice perfectly aligned with the actress’s typical style.

The journalist didn’t hold back, declaring Susan’s outfit choices as “totally inappropriate” for the occasion and expressing discomfort with her decision to “flash her breasts.” Unfortunately, some people agreed with him, going as far as saying they had lost respect for her.

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On the other hand, Susan handled the situation with her indiscernible class. Instead of getting into a heated exchange with the journalist, she did something unexpected. She shared an old photo of herself in underwear, showing off her incredible physique.

It was a powerful example that anyone who looks that good and isn’t afraid to stand up for the causes they believe in should be proud of their body. Susan proved that age is just a number and that confidence knows no bounds.

Susan is unquestionably an icon and a timeless beauty, both in her own era and in the present. Beyond her remarkable acting prowess, she excels as a devoted mother, particularly noteworthy as she embraced motherhood in her 40s and takes immense pride in it.

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