Meet Barbarhat, a Model With Vitiligo Who Loves Her Dappled Skin and Shines Brighter Than the Sun

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We all may differ in many ways, like in our genetic makeup, family background, life choices, and the way we speak, listen, learn and behave. Some of us try to blend in with the majority, but this doesn’t make us equally unique. Some people, like the featured heroine in this article, accept their uniqueness and stand out as different. We want to tell you the story of Barbarhat, a girl who embraced her outstanding appearance and created the life she wanted for herself.

The girl had to learn to embrace her appearance very early.

Barbarhat Sueyassu is a Brazilian model and activist who has become the face of #SejaSuaMarca — a vitiligo awareness campaign created by Caio Braga. She often gets questions about what the experience of being a child with Vitiligo was like for her. In her Instagram post, she mentions that she receives them most typically from mothers who have children with vitiligo.

In the same post, she tells her fans that her first spot appeared when she was 4 years old. She took the diagnosis fine, and she never thought she was an ugly child or wanted to be like other girls. Barbarhat confessed that she always kept her authenticity and her love for her existence.

Both before and after the discovery of her new trait, she lived a normal childhood. She was a very happy child, always loved and pampered by her family. She says she found it easy to make new friends and was surrounded by people who loved her and wanted the best for her. The first challenges presented themselves once she started going to school.

Hardships only motivated the girl to get stronger.

The good part about Barbarhat’s story was that people knew who she was, and it made her unique in front of them, as she said she was the “center of attention.But the toughest moments took place when she was in school, and the attitudes of the more grown-up kids made her feel out of place.

But as the woman recalls herself, she forgot about the pain, so she got home and found her strength, which has always been her mother.

In an Instagram post, she said, “She took all my pain, fought for me and my well-being, returned looks to the evil ones, cried for me (even if it wasn’t in front of me), and was with me for absolutely everything. She was the first example of empowerment that I wanted to be when I grew up, and here I am, repaying a good part of what she did for me in the lives of so many people! Vitiligo is my past, my present, and my future.”

Today, the woman inspires everyone around her, and not just people with vitiligo.

Today, Barbarhat Sueyassu is a recognized name not only in the modeling world but in the world of ordinary people who seek some inspiration. The woman often mentions that she “went from Moana to Ariel,” highlighting her growth as a person and as a woman. She teaches people about the importance of self-acceptance starting from early childhood, and many parents learn how to support their kids with skin conditions thanks to her.

Speaking to her followers, she delivers a powerful message, writing, “I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for having written such an incredible story in my life so that more and more people are touched and see the best in themselves. Today, I love being stained like this, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it! The Barbarhat child will always exist in me, and I will take her wherever I go.”

What is the thing about Barbarhat’s story that touched you the most? How did your parents support you when you had hard times in your childhood?


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