Michael J. Fox Pays an Emotional Tribute to His Wife for Her Constant Support as He Gets an Oscar

Michael J. Fox is the definition of perseverance, and his wife Tracy Pollan’s care demonstrates that love is powerful, and nothing can stand in its way. He shared his difficult times, and his family was there to support him every step of the way.

When fate brought them together

The love story of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan proves that everything can be conquered as long as there’s always a person who supports and loves us for the things we do and for who we are. Fox met Pollan when she was cast on the sitcom, Family Ties, and her role was the girlfriend of Fox’s character. It’s almost as if fate was already plotting something wonderful for them.

Years later, they became a couple, and since then, their love has bloomed and grown even more. Now, they have been married for 34 years and counting with 4 children: Sam, Aquinnah, Schuyler, and Esmé.

A tough challenge for Fox to conquer

As they grew older, Fox developed Parkinson’s disease, and he was battling it way back in 1991 when he was first diagnosed, yet he continued acting. He mentioned struggling with acting, saying, “I couldn’t remember the lines. I just had this blank, I couldn’t remember the lines.”

He admitted that he was no longer good at playing the guitar, sketching, and dancing, and he was having difficulties in his acting career. The only thing he enjoys doing is writing, which helps him to remember things and explore his creativity.

Rewarded for his pure deeds


Fox was born to be a star, and he even got an Oscar — he also plays a large role in the advocacy for Parkinson’s disease. He has raised awareness and helped fund research on this disease that could help hundreds to millions worldwide. His significant contribution is why he was awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 13th Annual Governors Award. During the acceptance, he mentioned many things that touched people’s hearts.

His family made everything possible and helped him stay optimistic.

Fox stated that his family improved everything and talked about how his disease was a gift. Every piece of information on this disease is like one step forward to hope for the better. Then he talked about shifting his career to find better treatments and resources for the Parkinson’s community.

He revealed that he and his friends were finding a cure and giving time and commitment to it by raising a billion dollars for the research. He is optimistic about the situation and excited to tackle more memorable moments alongside his loved ones.

The strength and power of genuine love and care

He is truly an inspiration to many. He was doubtful at first, but he made it through. The support of his family and his wife, Pollan, strengthened him. During the speech, he did not forget to mention them, as he dedicated his award to his family, the community, and everyone who believed in him.

On top of that, he conquered every battle with people by his side, and he always felt confident because he had his wife and children to back him up. Fox mentioned, “Tracy’s amazing. She’s there on the front lines with me every single day. She never pretends to know as much as I know. ”

The journey of the inseparable soulmates and the family of 6

Their moments and love are shared through all channels. On the other hand, Pollan shows her support through social media by posting photos and sweet messages to her husband. Fox’s family is always there for him, no matter what happens. It shows that the greatest love is always the constant support we get from the people we care about.

Fox also shared, “My best life now is I enjoy my family so much, Tracy and the kids are amazing. I know that sounds boring, it sounds like a fairy tale, but we’ve been married thirty-something years, so we’ve got something figured out.” As his life continues, more journeys and happy moments will come.

Do you have a similar love story or passion? Tell us in the comments about someone you would do anything for and who you support in their endeavors in life.

Preview photo credit tracy.pollan / Instagram, VALERIE MACON/AFP/East News


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