Pregnant Women Hate It When People Touch Their Belly, and Here’s Why

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2 years ago

Touching a mom’s belly can be a way to feel more connected to the baby inside it. However, it’s one thing for the father or for very close relatives and friends to do it — and even they should ask for permission first. But it’s a whole other thing when someone you don’t know that well or even a complete stranger gropes the mom’s belly bump without asking. Some pregnant women feel really hurt and violated in such situations.

We at Bright Side want women to feel comfortable and safe during their pregnancy. Here are the reasons it might not be okay to touch their bellies, even if you have the best of intentions.

It violates their personal space.

To some people, a pregnant woman’s belly might seem like something other than a body part, like some unusual object that’s so intriguing you just have to touch it. However, it’s still part of that woman — it’s part of her body.

She likely wouldn’t normally let anyone she wasn’t close to touch her belly if she weren’t pregnant, so there’s no reason for her to start doing it now. Some women even feel like their bodies become public property, with strangers assuming it’s okay to touch their bellies without even asking first. But it’s actually harassment, just like any other unwanted touching.

It might make them feel self-conscious.

When women get pregnant, all eyes are on them. Everyone wants to check up on how the mother is feeling and how the bump is growing. However, a lot of women don’t want so much attention. And the further along they are, the more self-conscious some of them become about their weight and body image. So touching their belly can make them extremely uncomfortable.

It could negatively affect their physical health.

If someone touches a pregnant woman’s belly, they get very close to the woman and touch her baby bump with their bare hands or even kiss it. And a lot of times, this situation will happen in a public place. So it isn’t hard to imagine how many germs could possibly end up on the mom.

And in cases like the flu, for example, pregnant women are more likely to experience severe symptoms and complications than women who aren’t pregnant. So if a woman refuses to let someone touch her belly, she’s protecting her health and the health of her baby.

Women might also experience nausea during pregnancy, and touching their stomach could make them feel even worse.

It could negatively affect their mental health.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause anxiety. And with all the stress and worrying that comes with being pregnant, having random people come close to them and touch them is the last thing women would want. Especially if they’ve already had any kind of anxiety disorder before pregnancy — like social anxiety, for example —such uncomfortable situations could make the symptoms worse.

You probably won’t feel the baby kick anyway.

When people ask to touch a pregnant woman’s belly, they probably want to feel the baby kick. However, babies don’t kick that often, so there’s very little chance you’ll touch the woman’s belly at the right moment. And if you do get lucky, you’ll actually be taking away the mother’s opportunity to connect with her baby.

Has anyone ever touched your baby bump without asking? How did it make you feel? Is it okay to do so if you ask first? Who would you allow to touch your belly? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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As i have my own son of 4 months i can relate on everything in this article.Yes its uncomfortable and yes its annoying and frustrating when people touch your baby bump without your permission.I know for a fact when i was pregnant i only felt comfortable when my husband touched my baby bump.People dont understand when pregnant women dont want them to touch their baby bump and not just random people but family and family in law aswell and if you refuse to let them touch your baby bump they get mad and say things that make the mother even more uncomfortable and stressfull or even sad or angry.People around the world should start understanding what n pregnant womans space means to her and her baby


There is some truth to this article and also a lot of silly assumptions.


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