Woman Spent Over $4,000 to Marry HERSELF

year ago

One woman is determined to show the world how much she ’’loves’’ herself. 30-year-old Danni decided to celebrate herself by marrying herself in front of her loved ones. She even threw a big wedding ceremony to mark the important event. Danni opened up about her journey and what led her to make this groundbreaking decision.

After turning her life around and going to therapy, Danni finally felt a sense of fulfillment. She decided that it was time to tie the knot, with herself.

She explained that previously she wasn’t living for herself and admitted, ’’This wedding was my chance to start over.’’

Danni shared her unique story on a Dr. Phil episode dedicated to Valentine’s Day, titled Forget You, I’m Marrying Myself.

The young woman admitted that both of her parents thought she was ’’crazy’’ when she first broke the news to them. But they soon changed their minds and thought the idea was cool.

Danni organized a wedding ceremony in an outdoor space with 9 bridesmaids, and the event cost her $4,000.

She invited her friends and family as they witnessed her stand in front of a mirror preparing to kiss her very own reflection.

The wedding officiant was the bride’s friend, and she asked her if she ’’promised to never give up, give herself grace, and value herself.’’ To this, Danni replied ’’I do.’’

Then the officiant declared, “I now pronounce you a married woman, you may now kiss yourself” and Danni leaned into the mirror and kissed her reflection in order to make it official.

The 30-year-old also gave all of her guests the chance to marry themselves by providing them all with a ring.

And even though Dr. Phil praised Danni for celebrating herself, he asked her why she felt the need to have a ceremony.

The young woman replied, ’’I grew up going to weddings my whole life, and I was taught that they were about love, joy, and commitment.’’ She added, ’’I wanted to show that and share that with my family and my friends.’’

She also explained, ’’I didn’t always give myself everything that I needed,’’ so this gesture was a way to change this reality.

Many people criticized Danni for this, and she had the best response for them. She noted, ’’There is no such thing as overdoing celebrating yourself. Some people buy themselves a bag. Some people buy themselves a nice cruise — me, I gave myself a wedding!’’

We admire Danni for this gesture of self-love, and we agree that embracing ourselves and prioritizing our own needs is the road to true happiness.


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Long story short. No one wanted her so she married herself and probably has 20 cats 😂


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