5 Tips on How to Stop Forgetting and Losing Everything After You Give Birth

5 Tips on How to Stop Forgetting and Losing Everything After You Give Birth

According to a memory researcher, Peter Rendell, the majority of pregnant women and new moms experience “baby brain” syndrome. This is when you manage to lose or forget things all the time. Fortunately, there are simple ways to fight this problem.

Here at Bright Side, we suggest that you try these out to bring back your pre-baby memory — and forget about this problem altogether!

1. Establish a feeding schedule.

Breastfeeding moms often become a “milk farm” that have to work endlessly during the day. A good solution would be to have your baby eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. Make sure they get a full feeding each time. If the baby starts crying between feedings, try to massage the baby’s back. This helps relieve air bubbles in their stomach. So if the baby needs to burp, this will bring them relief.

2. Create a sleeping regimen.

Babies often fall asleep during feeding, and mothers tend to not wake them up. Try keeping your baby awake for about half an hour after feeding instead, and then put them down for a nap. You’ll see the difference.

The logic is simple — if the baby has been asleep all day, they’re not likely to sleep soundly through the night. But if the baby is on a regular timetable during the day with organized feeding and sleeping times, nighttime will be a period of rest for both of you.

3. Make time and space for exercise.

Physical activity is scientifically proven to improve short-term memory loss, brain activity, and thinking skills in general. Moreover, you also have weakened abs and pelvic muscles after giving birth. The best way to strengthen them is to add specific exercises into your daily routine.

We recommend picking up a sport like tennis, volleyball, or swimming — but yoga, meditation or simple walking can also do wonders. Don’t expect too much from your body or push it to its limit until it’s fully recovered.

4. Figure out your menu.

Your brain is responsible for all the changes in your memory that we are talking about here. We suggest sticking to a diet that improves brain health and that is also suitable for a breastfeeding mom. Nutritious, healthy, colorful foods are what you should go for. Eat whole grains, redfish, nuts, spinach, berries, fruits and veggies, avocados, and drink lots of water. Instead of sunflower or olive oil for cooking, go for coconut oil which is richer in good fats and also promotes brain health.

5. Take one step at a time.

Multi-tasking makes things messier. It’s better to complete one thing in the best possible way than to do 3 of them halfway. Learn how to prioritize. Having a proper meal is more important than getting a manicure.

Start keeping a diary or making to-do lists. Lots of things that you’re trying to remember can be written down and addressed when they’re needed. Organize the space around you so that each thing has its own place. And we’re not talking about toys here — you should know where your own things are.

Bottom line — once a routine for your baby has been set, you can deal with your own schedule. It’s going to be much easier now that you know exact periods of time when you are “free” to be your own master. During these periods, you’ll be able to accomplish different tasks and things that need to get done. Moreover, there’s a good chance you’ll feel less stressed out.

We’d like to encourage new moms to share their stories in the comments! Have you suffered from “baby brain” syndrome? How did you deal with it?

Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side
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