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18 Acts of Kindness That Make This Autumn a Little Warmer

Among million things that make us feel happier, helping others has a special place. When we help animals, who can’t take care of themselves and often feel lost in the world of people, those good deeds are even more precious. Whether it’s a cat or a dog we take from a shelter to give them a loving family, or a duckling we occasionally save on the street, nothing feels more rewarding than a happy face of an animal we’ve just saved.

Here at Bright Side, we want to share 18 pawsome acts of kindness that Reddit users told us about this autumn, and we hope you can tell us about your good deeds!

1. “Meet Mowgli. We rescued this little guy today, and it’s the first time he came out from under the bed.”

2. “This is a squirrel I feed everyday named Michelle. We installed a little table where we leave the almonds, and here she is, sitting at the table, arms crossed.”

3. “Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick!”

4. “We adopted this 11-year-old senior, Shay Shay, today. Her first photo matches her personality.”

5. “After hearing old dogs stay in shelters forever, my wife and I had made up our mind. Happy 15th birthday, Rosie!”

6. “My wife, who’s very anti-dog decided we can keep the stray that was dropped out in the county. She’s about 12 according to the vet.”

7. “This happy duckling was rescued from the high school grounds I work on.”

8. “I found this tiny baby in an empty an old van at my late grandfather’s house. Everyone, meet Penelope.”

9. “My family and I rescued 9 puppies and their mama.”

10. “My sister rescued this little man yesterday.”

11. “Forever thankful to the 2 families who thought this Doberman was too much to handle.”

12. “My son and I have been wanting a cat for years and this one just shows up on our doorstep. It took us about a week of feeding him outside to finally get him inside this morning.”

13. “Rescued her 2 weeks ago, and she’s finally starting to feel safe. Got them cuddles.”

14. “We just rescued these kittens, and they curled up against our doggo.”

15. “Drove 7 hours and one state away to pick up this little rescue pup last Sunday.”

16. “Rescued these 2 sisters from the cold. Needless to say, they’re home now...”

17. “Just adopted this fella from a rescue. Reddit, meet Akashiyaki!”

18. “Just picked up a pregnant stray cat, and this is the amount of trust she has in me on the first night.”

Can you tell us more stories with happy ending that made your autumn brighter?

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