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10+ Pics That Prove Nature Is a Witty, Cheeky Artist

When you try to Google “Does Mother Nature have — ” the first suggestion is “a name?” and the second is “a husband?” We’re not here to dig and try to find out about her past lovers, future spouses, or kids, but we are here to certify that if Mother Nature did have a family, she’d probably be the funniest member of them all.

Our quest was deemed successful, and Bright Side is here to show you 17 images that prove, once again, that nature sure knows how to put on a show.

1. “Nature censored this safety sign at work.”

2. “The knots in the wood look like a dog.”

3. “This tree has a butt.”

4. “This moth has a chicken face on its back.”

5. “Walked outside this morning and saw this.”

6. “Saw this little guy at work. Never seen a pigeon with feathers on its feet.”

7. “Grew a pooping tomato.”

8. “The top of a tree was blown off in a storm. Now it looks like a dude out for a stroll.”

9. “This watermelon looks like it has tongues.”

10. “This snake’s defense mechanism is to become a treble clef.”

11. “The eggplant has a long nose.”

12. “Found these ’wands’ in the park near a tree they had fallen from. So magical!”

13. “We found a cow with a skull on its face.”

14. “My ginger has a gnome growing from it.”

15. “A firefly landed on my dog’s head.”

16. “My chick has winged eyeliner naturally.”

17. “A piece of a miracle”

If you want to see more pictures by the author of the picture above, @Loudstorm_Mats, or want to follow and hear his band’s rock music, you can do so here and here.

Once you arrive at the beach, what’s the first thing you do? If Mother Nature had an art exhibit, what would you name it? Let us know in the comments.

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