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14 Things That Matched With Each Other Perfectly

Sometimes, life is generous enough to throw some pleasant visual surprises your way: two cats for the price of one or a band-aid that matches your shorts. So buckle up for some visually pleasing coincidences of everyday life.

Today at Bright Side, we’ll show you 14 things that matched so well with each other they’re basically one.

1. Cat camouflage

2. “This water bottle matched my friend’s phone case perfectly.”

3. “I found a laundry basket with the same design as my phone case.”

.4. “The color of my smoothie matches my bag.”

5. “GF’s parent’s dog matches their pillow.”

6. “This grasshopper/locust and its oddly specific color matching the concrete”

7. “My band-aid kind of matches my shorts.”

8. “My dad painted this wall outlet to match its background.”

9. “This lady’s hair perfectly matches her tricycle motorcycle.”

10. “My rolling pin matches the cupboard liner in my new apartment almost perfectly.”

11. “This curtain almost seamlessly matches the wallpaper.”

12. “This guy’s shirt matches the guy in front’s trousers.”

13. “My nails and this housing unit match colors.”

14. “The artist painted the pole to match the wall...”

Do you have items in your home that match each other perfectly? Tell us what you found.

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