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15+ People Who Get to Attend a Free Show Every Day Because They Have a Family

The ability to laugh easily and frequently is known to add years to our life. So lucky are those who have access to laughter on a daily basis, only because they know how to look for humor in simple things around them or simply because they have a funny member in their family they can be goofy with.

At Bright Side, we always seek eccentric stories and decided to put together 19 entertaining family moments guaranteed to spark plenty of giggles and smiles.

1. “My 3-year-old lost my wedding ring a good few months ago now and couldn’t remember where she put it.”

2. “No way your grandma is as cool as mine.”

3. “This is how my son ate his banana this morning.”

4. “Here is my favorite photo I have of my dad and me.”

5. “My son tried to trick the tooth fairy for more money by putting other ’teeth’ under his pillow.”

6. “A card my daughter made for her dad on Father’s Day”

7. “My brother bought his first house this year and won’t shut up about it. Got him this cake for his birthday this year.”

8. “My brother’s ridiculous ID photo — he likes to make a sport of it.”

9. “My son made me a homemade popsicle for Father’s Day all by himself.”

10. “Here’s my brother opening his birthday present (a T-shirt inside).”

“Each year, we compete to give the hardest-to-open gift. This year, I wrapped it in concrete.”

11. “My brother made his shadow look like Yoda.”

12. “Exactly 27 years ago, my mom took the perfect picture of my sister and me. Some things never change.”

13. “Haven’t seen my dog in 2 weeks because he went on vacation at my mom’s house. He’s finally back home, and here he is with a tie.”

14. “My little cousin’s turtle lost its eye so my grandmother decided to improvise.”

15. “My 5-year-old son called this work the ’The Meditation Robot.’”

16. “My husband likes to play Jenga in the fridge.”

17. “It’s flu season — there’s a sick child with a box of tissues and a Nintendo Switch in there.”

18. “My mom threw her dog a quinceañera.”

19. “My daughter bought a new sleeping cushion for her dog.”

Do you happen to have a family member who is a constant source of entertainment? We’d love to hear their stories in the comment section below.

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