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17 People Who’ve Made Something Special With Their Hands and Are Proud to Show the Results

It seems that some people have a real knack for creating wonderful things with their hands, be it a home renovation, a new dress, or a super-tiny painting. We can’t help but admire the talent of these people and get inspiration from them.

Bright Side chose 17 photos of the awesome creations made by Reddit users. And be sure not to miss our bonus feature at the end of the article — you’ll see how to make a chair with some old jeans.

17. “The first paper bird I made, a life-sized goldfinch”

16. “My new ski helmet that I made”

15. “I made a dress from a pattern I designed myself.”

14. “I made a large, fully-functional AirPod.”

13. “This is my self-made Captain Marvel cosplay.”

12. “A ring my dad and I made together”

11. “I’m a self-taught crocheter and I made this.”

10. “I made an inexpensive desk.”

9. “I made a dragon out of packing peanuts.”

8. “I made this blanket. It’s the daily high and low temperatures for Denver in 1992.”

7. “I made a coffee table and put a moss garden in it.”

6. “I made a model of Azkaban.”

5. “I made a piano shelf.”

4. “I made an underwater jungle that’s almost entirely self-sustainable. It’s even home to a few shrimp!”

3. “I made a penny floor that turned out to be cheaper than a real floor.”

2. “I’m very proud of this mailbox I made.”

1. ’’I painted a morning landscape on a penny."

Bonus: “We made a jean chair.”

Have you ever made any cool things? We’d like to see photos of them in the comments!

Preview photo credit missdecibelle / reddit