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18 Epic Fails That Made That Day Unforgettable

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. You might be in an “expectation vs reality” situation, you might get a bad haircut, or you might just fall on the floor right in the middle of dinner. But it’s great that now we always have cameras with us to take photos and have a good laugh with friends.

Bright Side found some photos of people who definitely know what epic failure means.

When you get hit by an ice witch:

This is what defeat looks like.

The face says it all.

This is the face of regret.

“Panorama dog went terribly wrong.”

“This is the best purchase I’ve ever made.”

The real rebel

“My daughter showed off her Thanksgiving frozen Mimosa skills today.”

“Lucas bought a vase. Lucas saw a sticker on the bottom and decided to remove it. Lucas is sad.”

This dress is just a little too big.

No more spa for today.

“My new puppy hasn’t quite figured out the idea of catch yet.”

A pony selfie

Expectation vs Reality

Access denied

“$7 spam sushi from my university’s store”

“I bought a drone...”

Dinner did not go according to plan.

Have you ever witnessed funny situations like these? Tell us in the comment section below.

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