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12 Times Camilla Parker Bowles Dressed Like Princess Diana


It’s been over two decades since the tragic passing of Lady Diana, and yet she’s still upheld as a fashion icon today. Her sense of style has been an inspiration to many designers, celebrities, and other members of royalty. It’s no surprise that even Camilla Parker Bowles has been seen stepping out in outfits with an exceptionally close resemblance to those of Diana.

We at Bright Side have compiled a little lookbook of the most strikingly similar outfits shared between the late Princess Diana of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles.

1. Off-shoulder in black

2. Pink, pearls, and a light lip

3. Blue, pearls, and sapphire

4. Wide collars, beige, and shades

5. Large tilted sunhats and pearls

6. Sand, cream, light touches of gold, and pearls

7. Red dresses and black clutches with engagement rings

8. Matching co-ords in shades of blue-green

9. Tailored shoulders in beige and light taupe

10. Textured v-tops and dangling pearls

11. Beige and khaki blazers over white and cream tops

12. Black veils and dark attire when meeting the Pope

Who do you think wore these outfits better? Do you know other people who share a similar wardrobe with these two royals?

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